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Transforming Belgium’s social security and health insurance

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  • January 29, 2024

Reform with continuity

The Belgian National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI*) manages the country’s compulsory health insurance system, overseeing reimbursements, setting healthcare standards, and regulating services for quality and accessibility.

Michèle Paque, PwC Belgium’s healthcare and life sciences specialist, spoke with Pedro Facon, Deputy CEO of NIHDI. They discussed the future of Belgium’s healthcare system, the pressing issues that must be addressed and the multi-level, multi-sector reforms needed to progress towards a patient-centric Healthcare 2030.

* Rijksinstituut voor ziekte- en invaliditeitsverzekering (RIZIV) / Institut national d'assurance maladie-invalidité (INAMI)

Pedro Facon

Pedro Facon


“One of the challenges we face is the continuity of our work and obligations for health insurance and social security, guaranteeing accessible, affordable and high-quality care and replacement revenues for those who are incapacitated for work, […] while eliminating wasted expenditure.”


Pedro outlines the importance of continuity for smooth and efficient operations in the midst of socio-political change, and for maintaining consistency alongside reforms.

Reforms under discussion include: the reorganisation of the hospital sector, the hospital financing system, nomenclature for doctors, the rollout of the primary mental healthcare system, and other reforms with regards to digitalisation of the healthcare sectors.

All contribute to the Quintuple Aims, which means taking action on proactive healthcare, the patient care experience, the sustainability of the health system, the well-being of the healthcare workforce and the accessibility of healthcare for all.


The Quintuple Aims of the NIHDI

Source: Vivel

What is needed to transform Belgium’s social security and health insurance?

Read our interview with Pedro Facon here

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