Pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry challenges

PwC believes that the industry needs a bold new vision and leaders who have the willingness to embrace a fundamentally new approach to their business.

Maximising revenue growth

Even in an environment of heightened regulatory scrutiny, slow product approval, mounting payer demands for product performance and increasing pricing pressure, there are still viable strategies for maximising revenue. More on maximising revenue growth

Managing the effective tax rate

The regulatory burden imposed on the pharma sector and increasing scrutiny of international tax structures by the authorities are putting pressure on effective tax rates in the sector. Understanding the impact of these developments on profitability is vital. More on managing the effective tax rate

High-quality corporate reporting

Identifying differences in generally accepted accounting practice, industry specific insight for IFRS conversions, valuing intangible assets, structuring alliances, licensing management and royalty audits – reporting requirements today call for sophisticated solutions. More on high-quality corporate reporting

R&D productivity and the innovation deficit

The era of blockbuster drugs is over, productivity in the lab is plummeting as R&D shifts its focus to less common, more complex diseases, and the ballooning 'innovation deficit' has enormous strategic implications for the industry as a whole. Urgent action is needed to increase the cost efficiency and output of core R&D. More on R&D productivity and the innovation deficit

Efficient regulatory & compliance management

Regulatory change results in constantly shifting dynamics in the life sciences sector, and the trend towards worldwide harmonisation has far-reaching implications for the introduction of new technologies, manufacturing strategies and business models. A strong international compliance programme is essential. More on efficient regulatory & compliance management

Realising value from M&A, alliances and collaborations

The life sciences sector looks increasingly to mergers & acquisitions, licensing, alliances and joint ventures to deliver shareholder value. Due diligence and proper pre- and post-deal planning of integration issues at all levels – financial, legal, operational, systems and regulatory – is crucial. More on realising value from M&A, alliances and collaborations

Ensuring pharmaceutical supply chain effectiveness

Pharma companies are outsourcing non-core manufacturing to emerging markets, and re-gearing their supply models to match shifts in the provision of care (e.g. direct to consumer or pharmacist rather than through a wholesale channel). More sophisticated tools will be needed for supply chain management, from operations to finance and tax planning. More on ensuring pharmaceutical supply chain effectiveness

Attracting and retaining skilled workforce

Demand for skilled people is growing while traditional labour markets are providing fewer people with the right qualifications and experience. Strategy, planning, tax efficient rewards, employment law, international mobility, incentives: HR is faced with challenges at all levels. More on attracting and retaining a skilled workforce

How PwC can help you

Our Belgium team is part of the PwC global pharmaceuticals and life sciences practice which is made up of over 2,800 dedicated specialists in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Being part of a global network gives us access to a pool of specific expertise from around the world, enabling us to address the challenges of multinational pharmaceutical & life sciences organisations.

PwC Belgium has created a special cross-services ‘pharma team’ to better serve the industry’s needs. This team comprises more than 60 professionals from various departments (Audit & Assurance, Tax & Legal Services, Advisory Consulting) dedicated to supporting pharmaceutical & life sciences companies in addressing the issues and challenges specific to the sector.

The pharmaceutical and life science sector in Belgium is exposed to ever-changing legislation, given the political influence on the laws enacted in Belgium in this matter.
A constant awareness of the evolution of the legislation enables us to deliver the most efficient and up-to-date service and opinions.   

Whether you are an emerging company seeking venture capital to fund research or advice on a collaboration to commercialise a product, or an established company looking to improve or expand operations, you can count on our insight and experience to help you find the best approaches to achieving your financial, operational and strategic objectives.

PwC has extensive experience working with proprietary and generic drug manufacturers, specialty drug makers, medical device and diagnostics suppliers, biotechnology companies, wholesalers, pharmacy benefit managers, contract research organisations, and industry associations.

Bridge the gap between business and technology

Our firm has extensive experience to bridge the gap between business and technology, align to business objectives, improve the performance of operational functions and create value throughout the entire pharmaceutical & life sciences value chain.


Our service offering is grouped into:

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  • Corporate and Financial Strategy
  • Regulatory environment
  • Information Technology
  • Cost Reduction
  • Human Resources
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