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More than ever, traditional players and new entrants to the industrial manufacturing, construction and automotive industries are exposed to a rapidly changing world. Customers look for product innovations and new business channels in a global context. Businesses prepare themselves to offer enhanced customer experiences and by planning their operations more flexible and competitively. These transformations happen in an increasingly digital environment whilst in parallel, sustainability, social and governance matters are becoming more important than ever.

PwC will help you reimagine your business and re-connect the dots in this new changing business context, which enables you to sustain responsible value creation over time. We can help you adapt your value chain by creating a fit for purpose and competitive supply base, digital factories and lean distribution networks, orchestrated through the right organisation and with state of the art tools. Equally, we help you tap into the fast growing B2B(2C) ecommerce channels and integrate digital marketing to enhance your customers’ journey and develop new revenue streams. 


Together we assemble a team with decades of business transformation experience. We bring together local insights and global knowledge to help you develop a competitive advantage. This is glocalisation in action, to help you succeed in a rapidly changing world.


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Digital Manufacturing

The industrial manufacturing, automotive and construction sectors are changing, fast. On the one hand, fluctuating commodity prices, the impact of automation, and cyberattacks create economic uncertainty and pressure on the operations. On the other hand, Industry 4.0 and new digital market needs create an exciting but challenging world. 


PwC can support you to become a digital front-runner by helping you through current times with war for technical talent and increasing remote operations. We can help you from the start, as you develop your business strategy, right through to the implementation of the digital systems that are vital to meeting the needs of your customers, as well as internal challenges.

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While ecommerce and digital sales are well established in many industries around the world, the industrial manufacturing and construction sector is only beginning to realise its potential. In automotive industries as well, more and more digital platforms connect suppliers and manufacturers and end-users through shared services and platforms. Following the Covid-19 crisis, online sales and marketing have gained importance in the industrial manufacturing industry, both for B2B and B2C customers.

PwC can help you to take advantage of this growing market. We can help you establish a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform with a global presence, integrated in a strong and resilient supply chain organisation, to bring you revenue growth, cost efficiency - and profitability.

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Supply Chain Operations

A flexible, efficient, forward looking and resilient supply chain is essential to realise your business objectives. Product availability and Net Zero operations increase customer satisfaction and top line value creation, whilst supply chain operating costs and working capital reduction contribute to bottom line value.
Prior to COVID-19, reshoring was already becoming common practice. The pandemic demonstrates we can easily get in the position of not having enough critical supplies.

PwC can help you unlock your full growth potential and reduce costs by building a high performing Supply Chain organization, driving superior service levels while operating a lean manufacturing and distribution footprint.

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Cost Transformation

The industrial manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors are in a competitive market environment. Financial performance is constantly under pressure. Increasing raw material and component costs, as well as supply reliability issues put pressure on multi tiered cross-company supply chains and put balance sheets and company results under pressure.

PwC can help you control and optimize your cost, directly contributing to your bottom-line. We’ll help you prepare for the future by aligning your cost base with strategy, optimize supplier base and contracts, take out uncontrolled spend and optimise your processes. We’ll help you establish processes to create value through synergies and enhanced supplier negotiations. In addition, program, change and communication management will be done by PwC to support you during the entire transformation.

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Environment, social and governance (ESG) matters are becoming more important than ever. Sustainable business has a real impact on the environment and on communities. And a green supply chain organisation is an important contributor to making this impact a positive one.

PwC helps you to reshape your organisation as it achieves sustainability and moves towards Net Zero, with a positive impact on the planet, as well as on your supply chain operations, consumers and investors.

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