Advancements in technology

Energy efficiency, demand-side management and smart grid technology head the list of technological developments that will shape the energy industry for years to come.

Indeed the spread of the distributed generation model that has so shaken the traditional centralised way of understanding the energy business is dependent on technology.

How PwC can guide you on the adoption of new energy sector technology

This new business model doesn’t just change how companies view their own operations but also how they interact with their customers, becoming ‘energy partners’ rather than ‘energy suppliers’, thereby increasing the importance of digital customer relations and services.



Our expertise in this field encompasses:

  • Technology integration – selecting and implementing technology and IT solutions to support infrastructure (digital power plant, smart grid, demand side management).
  • Security – IT security, Identity and Access Management, Business Recovery.
  • Getting the most from technology – reviewing decisions on application and sourcing, managing technology roll-out on a region-wide basis.
  • Business integration – on-site change management, acquisition action plans for delivering deal value, supporting post-merger integration.
  • Effective project appraisal and evaluation – defining the options, modelling, operational impact assessment, related-party-interest analysis and feasibility studies, choosing the right finance and the right contract.
  • Project development – buying and contract-strategy advice, supply-chain management, tax-structuring advice, governance and operational design.
  • Project execution – implementing and designing project management processes and systems, project-status checks and audits, reviewing project controls and processes, project and contract due diligence procedures.


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