COVID-19: Third-party provider due diligence

Intelligence and strategic threats

Your supplier due diligence challenges in a time of crisis

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to ripple around the world, people and organisations are profoundly affected. The global impact on business and the economy is compounded daily, and supply chain operations worldwide are severely disrupted. Like countless other companies, your organisation may be forced to work with new suppliers in response to the crisis. 

Even in these challenging circumstances, the same rules apply: providers must be meticulously screened before you engage their services. Do you have the measures in place to conduct thorough compliance and integrity due diligence on third-party suppliers? Failure to do so could result in financial loss, substandard goods and services, reputational damage and legal disputes.

Your supplier due diligence challenges in a time of crisis

Your supplier due diligence challenges in a time of crisis

Investigating third-party providers: what do you need to do?

Despite the current crisis, performing thorough due diligence on potential business associates remains crucial. Our global intelligence specialists have the resources and experience to perform quick yet rigorous background checks on third-party providers. With the peace of mind knowing that you’re working with suppliers that align with your organisation’s ethics, you can move forward with confidence in the coming months and beyond.

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