Securing a sustainable business for the long term

Investing in the firm of the future

Our client work enables us to invest substantially in innovation to develop the services that help companies build trust with stakeholders and deliver sustained outcomes, thereby creating greater economic and social value.

Making a tangible difference

By calling on our vast array of expertise in the areas of tax, assurance, consulting, deals and legal, and combining this into multi-competence solutions and integrated services, we’re able to make a real difference to client businesses, and for the wider society at large. In regular contact with tax, legal and other authorities, we understand their concerns and direction of travel, and are able to advise companies on potential future developments and how they may impact their business. Our clients include listed and private companies and not-for-profit and governmental organisations.

Collaborating for greater impact

Our people work closely together across lines of service, calling on each other’s expertise to form holistic, end-to-end solutions to the large transformational challenges clients face. This is especially evident in our platforms and industries approach that allows us to address common challenges firms face during large transformation projects – cyber and cloud, sustainability, transactions and value creation, finance, customer transformation, operations, workforce and more – and deliver solutions adapted to specific industries.

Sustainability services

Businesses are at a critical juncture where they can redefine strategies, secure  profitability while safeguarding the welfare of our planet and society. Via our sustainability services, we help companies make transformative strides to stay sustainable well into the future. Indeed, we offer the support that companies need to create long-term value by prioritising environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, not just to be compliant, but give them a competitive edge in a sustainability-centric marketplace.

People related services

Today’s workforce spans different generations with different needs and expectations. By addressing individual audiences and introducing a next-level approach to the employee experience, companies, including our own, are better placed to attract and retain the talent they need. This goes far beyond traditional human capital (HC) practices. We’ve introduced people related services to take a next-level approach to managing workforces. These services cover the strategic, operational and legal topics associated with hybrid work models, attractive and innovative remuneration value propositions, transformative technologies and more, enabling companies to tailor their strategies to different capabilities and ways of working.

Deals M&A

Deals M&A is another specific area where we’re able to combine our skills and expertise in innovative ways to help clients create real value through a successful well-planned and executed deals strategy. Whether it’s to repair value from market disruptions or create value as the firm evolves with industry changes, our connected teams help explore new areas for potential growth. Using data-driven insights and deep industry understanding, we bring extensive deal-making experience to realise an organisation’s full potential.

Growing to Scale

Via our bespoke PwC Scale events, we bring start-ups and scale-ups in connection with corporates. During the ten-week programme, participants have the opportunity to attend hands-on masterclasses on how best to address the challenges they face. Via PwC Scale, participants may also have access to our network of clients. The programme closes with an event attended by corporate clients and Partners to which attendees present their ideas in the hope of making connections for the future.

Client proximity

We’re on hand when clients need us, virtually and at our five local offices around Belgium – Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt and Liège. All our office spaces have been designed with collaboration and co-creation in mind as we seek to help clients transform their businesses for the future.

Innovation in our services

We actively encourage our people to reimagine the possible, amongst others by providing training and stimulating innovation, creativity and the use of technology in their daily work. We’ve already made significant progress in terms of our digital transformation, an ambition that we set ourselves globally some years ago. Every step of our digital journey has helped us progress to where we are today – transforming the way we work to benefit our clients and our people, and building the future of our firm.

"As a people business, being digital is critical. The world changes every day and we need to make sure that our people stay up to speed. Clients expect us to be in the know and even to be two steps ahead so we can guide and advise them on what’s best for their business."

Jolien VandecasteeleSenior Manager, Fit for Growth Team

Market-acknowledged excellence

In March 2023, PwC Belgium was named Best Assessment and Development Company  by the prestigious HR Excellence Awards for helping clients develop their workforce and shape the leaders of tomorrow. In the same month, PwC Belgium was recognised for the first time in the Partnership Benchmark survey S-Square. In the survey, we ranked as one of the top five Digital Transformation Leaders, coming in with the highest customer satisfaction score of all companies ranked – in fact, an all-time record score for the research benchmark.

Community and social vitality

We strongly encourage and support active involvement in projects benefitting our community and society, whether initiated by the firm or by our passionate individuals.

“We launched a collective and multi-pronged Solidarity campaign to support the victims of the floods in Belgium. Looking back, I’m proud of how readily we rallied together to raise funds, donate essential items, repair houses and clear up impacted areas.” - Sandy Aers, Partner, Chief Operating Officer, IFS Leader

Supporting social projects

To encourage everyone to make a positive contribution to society, PwC allows our people to dedicate up to four working hours/month (on average) to a social project of their choice, provided that they also support the project with an equal amount of their private time. The project must serve a social purpose and contribute to the welfare of any layer of society.

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Working with sustainable suppliers

Our procurement policy prioritises goods and services that minimise negative and  enhance positive impacts on the environment and society, whilst meeting our business requirements to support our own positive contribution. We expect the same level of integrity and business conduct from our third parties, their staff and anyone outside of their organisation engaged to provide services for or with PwC, as we do our own people. In FY23, we introduced new standards to our local procurement policy with regards to sustainability. We also introduced specific clauses in relation to net zero commitments, social entrepreneurship and diversity into our procurement contracts.

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