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Our planet

Creating a positive impact to tackle society’s biggest challenges

Our planet

Only when we understand our impact on the planet and world around us can we begin to address pressing issues such as climate change. PwC’s purpose - to build trust in society and solve important problems - guides us when it comes to our impact on the planet, and indeed in everything that we do. We strive to make that impact as positive as possible by bringing the best of our people, powered by technology, to help tackle society’s biggest challenges and deliver sustained outcomes.

Going for net zero

PwC made a worldwide science-based commitment to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. Within this, we commit to decarbonising our operations in line with independently validated science-based targets, including our travel footprint, and neutralise our remaining climate impact through carbon removal projects. This commitment includes not just our own operations, but helping the clients we serve reduce their emissions as well. PwC Belgium has opted to join the LEAF coalition, a public-private initiative through which we can buy a proportion of our offsetting credits to offset our carbon from FY23 - FY27. 

Our impact

Scope 1 4,448 5,738 6,801
Scope 2 51 72 60
Scope 3 7,141 9,209 11,087
Total emissions 11,640 15,019 17,948

Scope 1 - GHG emissions are direct emissions from company-owned and controlled resources. Scope 2 - GHG emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy, from a utility provider. Scope 3 -GHG emissions are all indirect - not included in scope 2 - that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream emissions.

A multi-pronged approach

Our approach is divided into six axes: 

  1. Raising awareness and engaging employees: We can only succeed if we make net zero everyone’s responsibility at PwC and work together to achieve our aims. 

  2. Measuring and monitoring our carbon trajectory: Using appropriate tools and technology to measure and monitor our transition to net zero. 

  3. Implementing actions for reduction: Look at all areas where we can reduce emissions, especially business travel, workspaces and technologies. 

  4. Making net zero a business differentiator: Our journey to net zero will benefit clients as we’re part of their scope 3 in their own transition to net zero. 

  5. Infusing science-led climate analysis into all our areas of service. 

  6. Integrating climate-related and other ESG factors into mainstream corporate reporting and governance.

Supporting the climate agenda

In February 2021, PwC Belgium signed the Belgian Alliance for Climate Action (BACA) Pledge. As a member of BACA, PwC Belgium commits to using our network and wider sphere of influence to support and accelerate climate action in line with the ambitions of the Paris agreement. This includes advocating for policy positions consistent with a net zero future and for supportive government policy and goals that will deliver this net zero future before, or at the latest by 2050.

Revitalising how we work

Our new Work@PwC Reimagined offers people a significant level of flexibility in terms of where and when they work. We expect this hybrid working model to lead to greater homworking than in the past (not including during the COVID-19 crisis), thereby noticeably reducing our level of vehicle emissions. 

55% decrease in GHG emissions due to less business travel

(FY21 compared to FY19)
new brussels campus

Assuring sustainable facilities

Moving into the energy efficient PwC Campus in Brussels reflects our commitment to be net zero by 2030. This project incorporated a sustainability philosophy from the very beginning of the design phase and it’ll continue to be core in its day-to-day functioning. Our new PwC premises in Antwerp are also (almost) energy neutral, with an energy grade of E41. At the site, we use only 85 kWh/m² energy, purchase green electricity and re-use rainwater for the toilets. The building was designed with as many green rooftops and terraces as possible.

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