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Our people

Assuring a highly skilled, diverse and inclusive workforce that’s engaged with our values

Our people

Our people ecosystem is fundamental to our ability to continue to deliver the high-quality services clients expect. Attracting new talent and retaining people has become an ever-harder task over recent years as our profession is seen as less interesting, employee expectations have evolved as new generations enter the workforce and we’re competing to attract new skills (while also upskilling existing hires) to meet the demands of the digital world. Our actions focus on assuring people’s personal wellbeing, making sure we have a diverse and inclusive workplace, actively engaging our people with our firm and strategy and making sure their skills remain relevant and honed for the future.

Fostering a fit and healthy workforce

People’s wellbeing has been a priority for PwC for a number of years, but has become even more important over the past year. Our values steer our decision making and we focus on keeping our people safe and caring about their personal wellbeing. Providing a healthy and positive working environment enables our people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. Our actions also help keep our people engaged and connected with each other and the firm as a whole.

Our impact



employees registered on our Fit for You platform.       


 of people registered met the World Healthcare Organisation (WHO) standard of doing 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity a week


Special Olympic athletes supported


people on family friendly schedules


people on part-time schedule

Dignity and equality

Our dignity and equality policy focuses on establishing an inclusive workforce where differences are valued. This policy is supported by a firmwide diversity and inclusion (D&I) programme, which includes the setting of targets, training and coaching and network support for ‘target groups’. We’ve also committed to a D&I pledge - Be yourself. Be different: ‘We strive to achieve an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Inclusion means that everyone feels involved and valued - not in spite of but thanks to their differences’ - which is clearly communicated to staff and the external world.

People engagement

We actively seek to keep our people engaged, connected and able to collaborate with each other, at all levels, and clients, a task that’s been especially difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced us to work remotely. We’ve put a number of initiatives in place to understand their issues and concerns and to act on them, especially to help people find a healthy work/life balance and take the necessary time for family life and personal obligations.

Assuring a skilled workforce

Lifetime learning is key to our profession and being able to continue to deliver the high-quality, relevant solutions our clients expect. It’s also one of our organisation’s core values. We continuously invest in our people by providing appropriate, quality learning and development opportunities that help them stay ahead and enable us as a business to continually adapt. That’s especially true of transferable skills, such as creativity, problem solving, digital acumen and leadership, that help people think, act and thrive in a more unpredictable and rapidly digitising world.

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