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People are at the heart of our business and therefore our foremost priority. We offer  support both professionally and personally, alongside ongoing learning opportunities, all in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

People are our priority

Our values steer our decision making and enable us to prioritise our ‘people’ experience. We strive to get the basics right and continually monitor progress, making adjustments where necessary. Providing a healthy and positive working environment enables our people to thrive and be the best version of themselves. Our actions also help keep our people engaged and connected with each other and the firm as a whole.

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Promoting mental and physical wellness 

More so than ever, we continue to focus on every aspect of our people’s wellbeing, introducing a wide array of initiatives that cater to both mind and body. Our Be Well, Work Well community exists to inspire people to integrate healthy habits into their daily life and keep them updated on all of our wellbeing initiatives. Within Be Well, Work Well, we have a number of activities including a Fit for You, a programme that focuses specifically on mental resilience, moving more, nutrition and sleep, Energy@PwC helps equip people with the knowledge and tools they need to be able to balance their physical, mental and emotional energy and PwC Heroes via which participants train to take part in a quarter triathlon with expert guidance and coaching.

It may sound cliché, but being a PwC Hero really is life-changing. The programme helps you use your potential to achieve something quite incredible and tangible, and in a relatively short time frame.

Laura BultinckManager, Internal Communications - PwC Hero

Encouraging wider interests

Each year, our people receive a sports and culture voucher worth 100 euros which they can spend on days out with their family, joining their local gym, going to museums and exhibitions, buying a travel book to plan a visit abroad and in many other ways. Our aim is to encourage people to enjoy a break from work in a fun and enriching way.

Family friendly and non-traditional work schedules

There are many reasons that people opt for a non-traditional work schedule, including better work-life balance, to care for loved ones, etc. With PwC, people can opt to work part time or choose our ‘family friendly’ work schedule. We also launched a pilot programme ‘Return to Work’, to support our people returning to work from parental leave.

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Dignity and equality

At PwC, we highly value diversity among our people, embracing varied backgrounds, life experiences, approaches and viewpoints. These differences make us all-rounded advisors where together, we create the most value for our firm, clients and society. We protect our culture of inclusion and diversity vigilantly to make sure everyone feels involved and valued - not in spite of but thanks to their differences, and where they can be their authentic self. 

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Engaging our people

Keeping people engaged, connected and able to collaborate with each other at all levels can be especially challenging in a hybrid working environment when people aren’t always in the office and with one another. We make sure that we listen carefully to their ideas and concerns to help improve their professional experience and foster social connections. We also make sure we recognise them for their efforts.

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Rewarding impact

Performance management is an ongoing, business-driven practice that enables our people to develop and deliver the greatest possible value. It also encompasses processes for evaluating, recognising and promoting our people, helping them to advance in their career. Evaluation conversions focus primarily on the impact people have – both support as well as client-facing staff – and the value they bring to the business, clients and society as a whole. Impact assessment takes into account what the individual’s done and achieved, and how it was accomplished. We believe that this way of assessing people’s performance is more holistic and recognises the influence of context and peer group.

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Internal mobility

Given the competitive resource environment, we seek to encourage people to stay with our firm – looking for a new role with PwC if they wish, rather than leaving for pastures new. Our robust internal mobility programme enables people to find a new challenge either in a different business unit or LoS, or even a PwC entity in another country. They’re fully supported with opportunities for training, acquiring new skills and expanding their experience and capabilities.

Assuring relevant skills for the future

As a human-led and tech-powered firm, we’re committed to helping people unlock their full potential by developing a wide range of skills and capabilities, not just through formal training moments, but continually. With PwC, learning happens every day. Our approach to learning and development is therefore agile, people-centred and future proof.

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