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Raising the bar

At PwC, we embed trust in everything we do. Indeed, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. To help us imbue stakeholder trust in our firm, we employ consistent high standards and robust governance across everything we do. These are fundamental to the success of our firm. Our governance structure outlines how we’re organised and who is responsible for what, it also informs the principles and code of conduct we expect our people to follow.

Meet the Territory Leadership Team (TLT)

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Sustainability governance

We’ve taken a conscious decision to embed sustainability principles in everything we do  via a cascade methodology and throughout our existing governance bodies. Our TSP has overall responsibility for sustainability within our territory, specifically with regards to our net zero commitment and corporate responsibility. Our COO heads up our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings and operations, including fostering greater green mobility. TLT members regularly consult with our Sustainability Team about best practices. Each LoS has a Partner dedicated to the development/introduction of sustainability services.

Managing risk 

Just as with any business, identifying, managing and seeking to mitigate risk (including  risks posed by climate change) is crucial for PwC. And like many other firms, we face both new and more familiar risks in the context in which we operate, such as political instability, the global economy, climate change and more. The most significant risks we face, that are generally inherent to the nature of our business and the external environment, tend to remain constant over time. Managing risk effectively is how we secure the quality of our services and solutions, thereby safeguarding our licence to operate.

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Considering climate-related scenarios

In FY23, PwC Belgium conducted a qualitative climate-related scenario analysis and  explored various climate-specific issues considered material for PwC network firms and similar business operations. Key PwC Belgium stakeholders were engaged in the development of this scenario analysis, via a detailed interview process, to make sure that all climate risks and opportunities gain adequate traction and awareness across the business.

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Business ethics

PwC Belgium can only be a trusted advisor to companies, associations, authorities and individuals if we adhere strictly to all applicable professional standards and regulations. This includes complying with fundamental principles of objectivity and independence, which is a critical part of our ability to deliver trustworthy assurance reports on financial and non financial information, and provide credible advisory, compliance and digital services. It’s also our legal obligation to play a role in combating money laundering and corruption by applying client acceptance policies and procedures, including Know Your Customer (KYC), and exercising vigilance throughout all our engagements to avoid our services being exploited by criminals to gain legitimacy for their illicit operations.

Our values

Our values make us who we are, and hold us accountable to do our best. They direct how we make decisions and how we serve clients. It’s the combination of these values that makes PwC unique. That helps us maintain a fair and respectful workplace, and make the right choices in a complex world.

Act with integrity
Make a difference
Work together
Reimagine the possible

Information protection and data security

Trust is a key pillar of our brand. All our stakeholders – our people, clients, suppliers and others – must be able to trust that we take all necessary precautions to protect information and data entrusted to us - and we do. We have a Network Data Protection Programme (NDPP) in place and global security organisation known as Network  Information Security (NIS) which relies on standardised security technologies (e.g. endpoint security, perimeter security) as well as common procedures for incident handling across the entire PwC network. We also have our own local security team, led by a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

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