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Managing risks and having a positive impact on society

Adhering to high standards

Just as we support the efforts of clients to be more transparent and to foster trust with stakeholders, we set the same high standards for our firm. Our governance efforts centre on being more open about how we’re organised and operate and the standards and behaviours we expect of all of our people, at all levels, to help us manage risks and make a positive contribution to society at large.

The PwC Network

PwC is a global network of separate firms that operates in 156 countries. It works with a delegated authority model.                        


PwC Europe

PwC Europe brings together PwC entities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Turkey to leverage investments more effectively.


PwC Belgium

The Partnership in Belgium comprises 66 equity Partners and four salaried Partners (at 30 June 2021). 

Meet the PwC Belgium Territory Leadership Team.

Managing risk

Uncertainty is a given in today’s world and robust risk management is key for any business. When determining and implementing our strategy, we take into account all risks, putting greatest priority on those that potentially affect our firm most. It’s crucial to adequately address risks to make sure we remain relevant and protect our people and our brand. That’s why we continuously monitor developments and trends as they evolve in society in general, in the business environment in which we operate and within our organisation. You can find a detailed overview of our main risks here.

Business ethics

To be a trusted advisor to companies, associations and authorities, and protect the PwC brand, we must strictly adhere to applicable professional standards, laws and regulations. And as auditors of financial statements, complying with the fundamental principles of objectivity and assuring personal independence are crucial. But, we acknowledge that these standards, laws and regulations cannot govern all types of behaviours. Also, as regulated professionals in Belgium, it’s our duty to play a role in combating money laundering and corruption and deter criminals who may seek to gain legitimacy for their operations by using professional service firms, such as ours, as their advisers. 

Our impact


Partners and Employees attended at least one Ethics & Compliance training session 


Engagement Compliance Reviews conducted


Incidents of corruption reported in FY21.         

Information protection and data security

Information protection and data security are a high priority for PwC. We’re accountable to all stakeholders - our people, clients, suppliers and others - to protect all the information entrusted to us. As auditors, tax advisors, accountants, deal makers and consultants in a broader sense, we deal with confidential, sometimes highly confidential information subject to professional secrecy, on a daily basis. Trust is one of the key pillars of our brand and we therefore attach a lot of importance to information protection and data security.

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Axel Smits

Axel Smits

Chairman & Territory Senior Partner, PwC Belgium

Tel: +32 490 65 88 94

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