Change and evolution are crucial for survival, especially in a world that’s moving so fast.

Remaining relevant

We’ve been constantly growing for over 150 years and we continue to do so, but we can only remain relevant if we’re perpetually questioning who we are, adapting where necessary and always looking ahead. Who knows what’s waiting in the wings to turn our industry on its head.

We remain committed to reinventing ourselves to make sure we stay relevant for our people, our clients and society as a whole.

We are one.  

Over time, we’ve learned to combine our broad range of competencies to the benefit of the client. We believe our clients are best served when we bring our full skillset seamlessly together to deliver holistic solutions. Only in case of potential conflict between offerings do we elect to work in isolation. We not only act as one within our firm, but also with clients. We partner with them, side by side, to help them to achieve their goals. Always using the latest technology.

Our Experience Centre showcases how we collaborate and how far we’ve come in understanding and working with emerging technologies.

Listening is a crucial part of building trust

We listen. 

Listening is a crucial part of building trust. I don’t mean listening to the negative and building defences to shield ourselves, but listening to understand. Listening to hear what people are struggling with, how the world’s evolving and what’s expected of us. Today, I can say that we don't approach assignments with all the answers.

We listen to discover what our clients are aiming to achieve and then bring together the relevant expertise from around our firm (tax, legal, human capital, organisational, technologies, etc.) - and global Network, where required - to design the optimal path to prepare their business for the future.

We continue to broaden our expertise. 

Our roots are those of a top-notch audit firm, and still today delivering a high-quality audit remains at the core of our organisation.  But we’ve also expanded our services, now actively delivering forward-looking solutions across our clients’ businesses, beyond solely back-office activities, guiding strategic thinking and helping clients interact with their own customers in new ways, historically never imagined.

And this, irrespective whether they relate to transactions, transformation or compliance.

Creating inimitable user experiences

Creating inimitable user experiences

Today, user experience (UX) is key and we’re constantly adapting our services to reflect this. The growth of our Advisory practice and its capacity to deal with and deliver innovative advice and solutions to help clients interact with their own customers in ever-more engaging ways is just one example of this. The realm of tax is very different to that of 10 years ago, much more heavily regulated and calling for more transparency about how and where firms create value.

Today, we help clients develop, implement and maintain sustainable global tax strategies that go beyond mere compliance to truly reflect their business. To meet the needs of this evolving world, we’re continually investing in the upskilling of our people and in attracting new profiles to the firm to further broaden our expertise.

We Guide. We support. You grow. 

That’s our promise as an employer. Our people trust PwC to be the place where they can learn the skills and behaviours they need in a rapidly changing world. To grow as a person, you must be open to change, which means our people aren't just a part of the reinvention of our firm, they’re its essence.

In FY19, we launched an internal incubator whereby budding PwC intrapreneurs are invited to pitch novel business ideas to a jury of internal experts and request resources and advice to move them forward. The number and breadth of visionary ideas is positively astounding and instills great confidence for the future of our firm.

Axel Smits, Chairman & Territory Senior Partner, PwC Belgium - We Guide. We Support. You grow.

Investing in the future

As a professional services firm, key market player and recognised brand, we’re happy and proud to be able to set positive examples and play our role in preparing people, organisations and society for the future. You can expect to see PwC undertaking a great many more such initiatives going forward. 

We’ll continue to invest in ensuring we have inclusive workplaces, where diversity thrives, and support a community that does the same. We’ll continue to invest in the transformation of our firm, innovating and expanding our areas of expertise so that we remain able to guide and support the transformation of our clients’ firms. I want to thank all of our people and clients for partnering with us along this journey of reinvention.

Signature Axel Smits, Chairman & Territory Senior Partner, PwC Belgium
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