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The context in which we operate

Adding value through our work

As PwC, we believe we have a responsibility to make a positive contribution to our country and the economy. We achieve this by developing and nurturing good talent, stimulating start-ups and scale-ups, helping established firms remain relevant and continue to build trust and by cultivating a truly circular economy. This entails bringing together our vast breadth of knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and relationships in innovative and holistic ways.

Remaining relevant to stakeholders

We bring our community of solvers together in new and innovative ways to collaborate and deliver professional services above and beyond client expectations, our purpose-driven approach – The New Equation helps make sure that we remain a  highly credible and relevant firm worldwide. And that we attract and retain the most valuable people while leveraging key technologies to achieve lasting results for organisations and, more importantly, foster trust with their stakeholders.

Offering purpose-led work

Our success as a trusted and relevant firm belongs firmly to the talent we have. Our people are the driving force behind our ability to serve clients and uplift communities. We’re deeply committed to doing what we can to make sure our people stay connected and thrive with PwC. Our goal is to create a workplace that prioritises their wellbeing, where they feel appreciated for their efforts and empowered to contribute their distinct value towards clients’ businesses, our environment and society. From I&D initiatives to professional development programmes, it’s our goal to support our people’s growth and ambitions, strengthen the bond they feel towards each other and to our brand. Providing this purpose-led space is instrumental in attracting and retaining the exceptional talent upon which the longevity of our business is built.

Embracing opportunities

The pace of change in our world continues to accelerate. Over the past year, the global landscape underwent significant shifts, amplifying the hurdles encountered by both businesses and individuals. At our core, we remain committed to fostering trust in society and addressing crucial issues. Assisting clients and the broader community in navigating these challenges is a pivotal aspect of our mission, allowing us to build trust and contribute to the development of effective and sustainable solutions.


Our sustainability services empower organisations, providing comprehensive guidance spanning strategy development, risk management, reporting and assurance.

Workforce challenges

We’ve introduced people related services to take a next-level approach to managing workforces.

Regulatory developments

Our tax compliance services provide comprehensive support to businesses of all sizes, ensuring adherence to local, national and international tax laws, while minimising the risk of penalties and facilitating financial efficiency.


Our defence services offer human-led, technology powered solutions to support the protection of society today and tomorrow, including attracting and retaining personnel, supporting international cooperation, innovation and R&D and more.

Supply chains and operations

We work with clients to support the ongoing growth of their firm, making sure that their operations are fit for purpose and as lean and efficient as possible, and that costs are under control.

AI and digital transformation

By encouraging clients to embrace advanced technologies, we’re empowering businesses to enhance productivity, automate tasks and gain insights from data, ultimately driving innovation and growth.

Demonstrating our actions

The importance we place on sustainability criteria and our desire to be transparent about our impact on society and the environment, as well as demonstrating our place in the world is shown via our integrated reporting activities. Via integrated reporting, we explain what we’ve done, why and the impact it has. We also look to the future and how we’ll continue to increase the positive repercussions of everything we do.

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