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Business environment

The context in which we operate

Accelerating the need for change

As a global society, we’re facing urgent challenges: climate change, technological disruption, growing wealth disparity, an aging population and polarisation. All issues that will undoubtedly fundamentally change the way millions of people live and work. On top of this, there’s a deep-seated distrust of institutions, leadership and technology, even business is considered to be hampering progress toward a fairer and more sustainable world for all. The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic has tried and tested individuals, organisations, governments and society as a whole, and propelled the need for change forward, no less so in the realm of topics surrounding environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Challenges for Belgium

Belgium’s facing its own specific challenges, among them how to catalyse growth and competitiveness, how to meet growing ESG demands, how to move toward a more digital society and how it can make sure that the education system is adequate for the future. But the COVID-19 crisis also showed the great potential of the country, its citizens and businesses to stand up and show what they’re capable of. It helped Belgium prove its incredible potential. The country now needs to create an environment to nourish and unleash this potential for future growth and to meet the challenges it faces. 

Having positive impact

In this context, PwC Belgium faces its own set of challenges, which we’re addressing to ensure our future and prosperity. 

  • Our people, clients and society at large want to understand why we do what we do and how we do it. Especially, how we address environmental and social issues, and create sustainable value. 
  • We need to be more vigilant about the changing business environment and adapt accordingly. This means embedding ESG into all our services and reaffirming our positive impact in the world.
  • We need to show that we offer the people who work with us the tools and opportunities to develop and expand their experiences in the way they want to, at the pace they choose.
  •  Our aim’s to nurture strategic high-level partnerships with clients so that we’re able to anticipate, advise and accompany them as they seek to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes for their stakeholders. 
  • We work with huge amounts of data. Our challenge is to extract, analyse and visualise this data in the interests of our stakeholders.

“What we do won’t change. How we do it will.”

Jeroen BockaertPartner, Products and Services Leader, PwC Belgium

Seizing opportunities

The challenges facing clients and society at large are a huge opportunity for us as a firm to demonstrate the positive impact we can have. Integrity, transparency and reliability in reporting, whether financial, environmental or otherwise, are essential if the broader society is to have trust in organisations. This is where PwC comes in - we deliver solutions to clients that generate trust and lead to sustainable outcomes

Recalibrating our strategic vision

At PwC, we’re recalibrating our strategic ambition to connect with stakeholders and society in new ways. Fulfilling our purpose of building trust and solving important problems requires that we’re open to what’s happening around us. Our refreshed global strategy, The New Equation, is about how PwC brings together unique combinations of people, powered by technology, galvanising ourselves as a community of solvers to help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes for all their stakeholders.

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Axel Smits

Chairman & Territory Senior Partner, PwC Belgium

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