The EU Referendum

A majority of the UK public has voted to leave the EU which will have significant implications for business.

What's happening now? Here, you can find links to our related thought leadership and expert opinions to help you better understand the impact of Brexit on your business.

What about the movement of people and employment?

Brexit will also have a huge impact on the freedom of movement of people and immigration for both employees and employers

Read what Brexit means for freedom of movement and immigration:

For your employees    -   For your employers

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Webinar: Beyond Brexit

Priorities and next steps for HR

Thursday 22 June at 16:00 CET




As a result of the referendum decision, demands on HR leaders have reached new heights: from managing the immediate people implications to business scenario planning.

For many employers, the most direct effect of Brexit will be the impact on talent and labour markets. There will be many critical decisions made in the coming months, are you prepared for what they may mean for your employees?

During this 45-minute webinar, you’ll discover how you can identify and deal with changes up front so you’ll be better placed to exploit the business opportunities Brexit may bring.


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Webinar: How will Brexit impact the tax landscape?

Wednesday 14 June at 16:00 CET


Tax is one of the areas that will be majorly impacted as a result of Brexit, and companies now face significant challenges from a direct and indirect tax perspective.

Will you be able to repatriate profits from your UK operations? What about the red tape/compliance formalities to be dealt with as a result of Brexit? And what about the people issues? 

During this webinar we will address the main issues and provide insight on the impact of Brexit from a tax perspective covering corporate tax, personal tax, VAT & customs and mergers & acquisitions


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Webinar: Supply chain & logistics
How to deal with Brexit?

Tuesday 23 May at 16:00 CET 

Brexit raised a large number of questions, particularly with regard to its impact on business, including the challenges now faced by companies with operations and flows of goods and services to and from the UK. 

Is your supply chain Brexit-ready? How to ensure that all indirect tax elements with respect to the flows of goods and services to and from the UK are treated correctly, timely and efficiently? How does it affect pan European-business?

These, as well as many other questions, will be addressed during the 40-minute webinar. Discover with us how your business will be impacted by Brexit!

"Academics and economists were broadly concerned about Brexit before the vote. The dramatic stock selloff reflects these predictions. Now that Brexit is a coming reality, our experts see fundamental steps forward to mitigate risk and best position business for a prosperous tomorrow."

Bob Moritz, PwC Network Chairman
Supermarket and check-out stops

Possible consequences for Belgium’s retailers?

Brexit will have considerable economic implications for Belgium as trade with the UK is significant.

However, consequences will differ per sector as some sectors are more sensitive to the move.

Discover the potential impact on the retail and consumer sector and the five key areas you should bear in mind when navigating the uncertainty over the coming period of negotiations.

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