(Re)finance a business

Attracting investment to fulfil your ambitions

Looking to expand your business or boost performance via refinancing? We can help you identify what sort of funding you require and create a persuasive story to potential investors.

Vendor financial due diligence/vendor assistance

Taking an independent view of your business, we help create a valid picture of the business you’re looking to refinance, including devising a robust business plan to present to prospective investors.

Undertaking vendor due diligence enables you to identify and fix critical issues that could lead to investor uncertainty. Importantly, vendor due diligence adds credibility to your business as an investment.

Independent business review (IBR)

We take an independent view of your business going forward and an integrated approach, covering commercial, operational and financial drivers and your current financing position.

We can help you consider how you could enter new markets, if that’s your ambition, how you could adapt and improve production operations, if appropriate, how to secure future revenue, optimise your trade working capital positions and more.

Building this into a robust business plan, we can help you make sure any potential lender/investor has a clear, comprehensive and independent assessment of your current situation and future ambition. And can tailor the review to accommodate a specific lender’s/investor’s request to get the financing you require.

Leveraged/management buyout (LBO/MBO)

With comprehensive knowledge of the private equity community, PwC is ideally placed to support management teams looking to purchase a controlling share of a company with external support.

In cases of management buyout (MBO) and leveraged buyout (LBO), we can identify potentially interested parties and put persuasive documentation together about the deal.

PwC already has substantial expertise and impressive credentials, which we combine with deep sector knowledge. We understand both sides of the deal and what each party expects, and use market best practice to make sure a fair deal is reached and a sustainable solution found, always working to make sure that the culture and values of the parties we bring together match.

Fundraising for start-ups & scale-ups

As a younger business, we can help you acquire the funding you need to boost and grow your business. Offering guidance and advice with regards to which type of funding party is right for you and what they’re looking for, we can help you create a persuasive business plan.

We can also assist you in the preparation of an investor document which is key to approach potential investors. And with deep knowledge of Belgium’s funding market and enjoying strong relationships with many key players, we can help you approach suitable players and remain by your side until you have the funding you’re looking for.

With offices across Belgium, we’re close to you wherever you need us, and working in a completely transparent way; you can see the services you’re paying for at every stage.

Business planning

We can help you build a strong business plan that makes your business more attract to prospective lenders. Calling on our substantial experience and expertise with different industries, we understand sector differentiators and can create a business plan in line with historical performance, financial and operational key performance indicators (KPIs), and the market.

We also incorporate due diligence insights and in-house knowledge to create a fully customised plan that truly reflects your company.

Debt and capital advisory

We offer an independent view of your funding needs to make sure you’re able to provide a comprehensive overview to potential lenders and advise you which potential funding products/structures, and also parties, are best fit for purpose.

Taking an integrated approach, we look back at where numbers come from to help identify potential opportunities that will impress potential lenders, creating a fully integrated view comprising all relevant details. We advise you throughout the funding process and help you select the ideal funding package and counterparty.

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