The sale of Team Industries to DI Mittelstand

Belgium-based TEAM Industries NV is a leading supplier of mechanical systems and manufacturer of function critical metal assemblies for various industries. The company owns and runs a portfolio of seven production facilities in Belgium, Slovakia, and Romania, each of which with a unique and complementary positioning and offering.

TEAM Industries offers customized outsourcing solutions for OEMs and serves a large and diversified portfolio of blue-chip clients focusing on railway, compressors, off-highway and material handling. 

How we helped

Our PwC x-LoS Transactions team offered the client Corporate Finance and Vendor Assistance services. The Corporate Finance team led the discussions with Deutsche Invest Mittelstand as the sell-side advisor.

TEAM Industries was sold to Deutsche Invest Capital Partners, under its DI Mittelstand branch. The previous shareholders sold their stake, while management was able to participate in the new structure, ensuring their commitment with the future of TEAM.

PwC looked for the best fit during an auction process, focusing not just on the financial terms but also on the cultural fit between management and the financial sponsor. In the end, DI Mittelstand emerged as the preferred partner to provide TEAM Industries with the means to realize its future strategy and ensure a bright future for ‘TEAM Industries 2.0’.

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