The Sale of Solufak to Eiffage

Solufak is an audio-visual services integrator, providing end-to-end AV solutions using top-tier products. The company designs, engineers, implements and maintains AV systems for small collaborative spaces up to executive boardrooms and conference rooms.

Based on the extensive experience of its founders, Alain Hoskens and Fabian Charpentier, Solufak became a reference player in the Belgian market. It was the founders’ ambition to partner with an industrial player that could provide the necessary human capital and become the Belgian market leader in AV integration.

How we helped

With the COVID-19 lockdown hitting us in full process, flexibility and agility of the entire team was key. This resulted in a mostly digital process, with some face time to build a personal connection between buyer and seller. 

It was essential during the negotiations to focus on the historical performance up until 2019 and the business plan as of 2021. 2020 was an exceptional year in many ways, but could not be allowed to affect the valuation of this potential long-term partnership.  

PwC Corporate Finance led the process and the discussions with potential buyers. We looked for the best fit during an auction process, focusing not just on the financial terms, but also on the cultural and strategic fit between management and the investor. In the end, Eiffage emerged as the preferred partner to provide Solufak with the means to become the leading Belgian player in its field.

The Sale of Solufak to Eiffage

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