The sale of EFF to Heylen Group

Euro Fresh Foods (EFF) markets a wide range of dairy products and is a go-to distribution partner for established dairy producers and supermarket chains. The company has a clear go-to-market strategy and specialises in sourcing private label and C-brands to strengthen the dairy offerings of European major supermarkets.

EFF has a proud history. The company was founded in 1945 by the Goossens family, and now has 75 years of experience in the distribution and logistical handling of dairy products such as cream, yogurt, butter, desserts or iced coffee. In 2013, the Belgian private equity firm Think2Act acquired a stake in the ownership of EFF in order to support its future growth.

The company’s headquarters and warehouse are strategically located in Diest, in the province of Flemish Brabant. In 2020, EFF built a new fully refrigerated warehouse in Diest, with a total surface of 2,000 m² and capacity of 1,500 pallets.

How we helped

PwC Corporate Finance led the process and the discussions with potential buyers. We looked for the best fit during a selective auction process, focusing not just on the financial terms, but also on the cultural and strategic fit between the current shareholders and the investor.

The search for a perfect match was successful and resulted in the deal with Heylen Group. Heylen acquired part of the company while the other part remained in the hands of the Goossens family and Think2Act. Heylen’s intention is to grow EFF in neighbouring countries and ensure the continuity of the family business.

The Sale of EFF to Heylen Group

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