Cloud Transformation

Unlock the power of cloud to drive value and innovation throughout your organisation

Businesses require the ability to innovate and go-to-market faster in order to compete and lead in their industry. Cloud is a key enabler for innovation that creates new business models and improved customer experiences. However, most companies struggle to realise the full potential of cloud due to the lack of a business-driven cloud transformation. 

A successful cloud transformation needs to go beyond just a technical perspective in order to realise the benefits. Our service offering enables companies to clearly establish business priorities, and then leverage cloud as an enabler to deliver on those priorities.

Ask the expert

What are the biggest business opportunities enabled by cloud technologies?

If you’re only focused on IT migration, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to drive value for your customers.

Experiment to drive digital innovation

Improve customer experience by boosting and enhancing digital innovation

Move beyond migration

Develop a business strategy to maximize cloud opportunities rather than simply initiating an IT transformation 

Scale business transformation

Streamline operations and manage risk to drive revenue, business innovation, growth and resiliency

Data driven

Unleash the power of your data with cloud data and analytics throughout your organisation 

Digital transformation

New ways of solving problems, creating unique experiences and accelerating business

Reduce risk

New ways of solving risk and security problems, making use of the security capabilities the cloud offers

What keeps companies from successfully embracing cloud transformation?

Despite all the benefits cloud has to offer, most organisations struggle to realise its full potential.

Studies indicate that ineffective governance, lack of expertise, inadequate security, managing cost and lack of alignment between business and IT departments are the leading operational challenges.

Cloud transformations are complex programmes that affect a wide range of factors in both the organisational and technical side of an enterprise. Many struggle to embark on a holistic and yet pragmatic approach that accounts for all these factors. 

We at PwC have the expertise and know-how to help you effectively adopt cloud transformation.

Empowering our clients with cloud transformation from strategy to execution

Explore our combined expertise in cutting-edge business, technology and security solutions designed to help you benefit from a successful cloud transformation

Cloud strategy

Stay ahead of legal and technological disruptions by adopting a hybrid or multi-cloud approach that combines best-of-breed and local cloud capabilities. PwC can help you realise the promise of cloud without the growing pains, from strategy to execution.

Drive innovation with a business-focused cloud strategy

We help clients define a comprehensive business-focused cloud strategy and therefore set the cornerstones towards a targeted cloud adoption

Stay secure and compliant with a holistic Cloud Governance Model

We provide our clients with a framework and the capabilities to effectively control their cloud resources, safely and effectively.

A competitive advantage for your cloud transformation

We can help you turn security, compliance, data protection and privacy challenges into a competitive advantage for your cloud transformation.

Enhance your ROI with our Cloud FinOps

Get the most out of your cloud resources by optimising your costs according to your needs.

Our global alliances

Our solution is enabled by strategic alliances with leading cloud providers. Infused with best practices, accelerators and learnings gleaned from our experience helping enterprises, we capture the opportunities that cloud offers. Let’s make your organisation thrive in the cloud!

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