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An effective whistleblowing platform brings added value to your company and reduces unethical behaviour and risks

EU whistleblower protection Directive to become national law in 2021

The EU has implemented a new Directive that requires private and public organisations to create safe reporting channels for whistleblowers and protect them against retaliation. Is your organisation prepared? Are you aware of all the legal implications and risks? Do you know the best way to tackle this issue?

If you haven’t already, now’s the time to get started on creating an operational and effective platform ahead of the EU’s 2021 deadline.

Half of companies in Belgium were victims of economic crime

Your whistleblowing challenges

Non-compliance will result in sanctions and potential fines which poses a financial risk. Besides the financial risk resulting from fines, an effective whistleblowing channel reduces the fraud losses with almost 50%.

This means that fraud cases are quickly detected, and the impact of the fraud cases can be reduced. Additionally, approximately 43% of all fraud cases are discovered by tips. This makes whistleblowing the most effective way of detecting fraud.

An effective whistleblowing system is thus also a mitigating factor for the inherent fraud risk.

Failing to provide an effective whistleblowing system to employees and third parties exposes companies to external reporting (to the regulator), or public disclosure, with protection for the whistleblower. An internal whistleblowing system allows clients to deal with reported issues in a discreet and swift way, with the assistance of forensic specialists when necessary.

Whistleblowers are invaluable in exposing corruption, fraud and mismanagement

  • 47%

    of companies in Belgium experienced economic crime in the past 24 months

    Global Economic Crime Survey 2020: PwC

  • 49%

    Fraud losses were 49% smaller at companies with a whistleblowing platform

    “Report to the Nations” 2020: Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, ACFE

  • 43%

    of fraud is detected by a tip

    “Report to the Nations” 2020: Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, ACFE

  • 29%

    of Belgian workers report they suffer workplace bullying

    2019 Barometer for harassment at work: Securex

An effective whistleblowing platform mitigates risk

An effective whistleblowing platform mitigates risk

Implementing your whistleblowing platform

PwC’s Forensics specialists can help you plan, implement and manage a whistleblowing platform tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. We collaborate with PwC Legal and other subject matter experts across our Network to bring you a complete, end-to-end solution. 

We’ll work closely with you to design or review policies and procedures, communications and awareness plans and workflows. In the implementation phase, we can set up a digital solution to the highest security standards that functions as a 24/7 reporting channel. 

To assist you with case management, we can assess the situation and help mitigate risk quickly and effectively. As part of the continuous improvement of your whistleblowing platform, we’ll advise on improvements and report key trends via interactive dashboards. 

New legislation provides opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact our Forensics specialists for more information. 

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