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Your organisation is collecting vast amounts of electronic data, but are you equipped to manage and gain insights from it? PwC can help

How do you manage your data in a time of crisis?

In today’s digitised business environment, the rapid accumulation of electronic information can quickly become unmanageable. IT infrastructures are designed for daily business operations, but are poorly equipped to handle rapid data production, preservation and analysis.

Our forensic technology specialists can help your company organise and manage your electronic data. In the event of a critical incident involving legal proceedings, investigations or requests by regulators, we’ll guide you through the requisite procedures.

Watch our video on investigative analytics.

Forensic analytics

The PwC data analytics team uses the latest technologies and techniques to analyse your data and extract and communicate meaningful insights.

We work with you to:

Resolve issues

Our experienced forensic data analysts can resolve complex fraud, financial or regulatory data-related issues your organisation may encounter.

See the unseen

Your data contains valuable hidden information. We perform in-depth analyses for digital evidence of unusual relationships and hidden patterns that can reveal something new.

Predict the future

We’ll help predict future events by building models based on your historical data, enabling you to mitigate risk and make more informed decisions.

Digital forensics and eDiscovery

Vast amounts of data are being shared and stored in increasingly decentralised ways, creating new risks. In a time of crisis like a dispute or a cyber breach, is your organisation able to quickly collect and analyse the data you need to react?

How we can help

PwC’s digital forensics and eDiscovery specialists combine extensive knowledge and leading-edge technology to draw valuable insights from your data. We’ll help you plan for and anticipate events, and navigate any legal or regulatory processes in the event of a crisis, enabling your organisation to make sound business decisions, fast.

Contract analytics

Are the contracts you have with other organisations as optimised as they could be?

Our contract analysis specialists use analytics to assess the performance of your contracts via specialised contract discovery software. We can extract information on a wide variety of metrics like expiry dates, supply chain information, missed revenue opportunities and inconsistencies. These insights can expose risks, boost compliance and increase revenue.

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