​Disputes analysis & Litigation support

Unravelling the complexities of a dispute

Do you know the financial implications of a dispute?

When two parties enter into an agreement, no one expects it to go sideways, but disputes in business can and do occur. In an increasingly globalised, complex and regulated environment, litigation has become an integral part of business life. The outcome of such disputes can have significant financial, economic and commercial consequences for your organisation.

How can we help you and your legal counsel?

PwC supports businesses through management analyses, clarification of issues, or by presenting expert evidence in court or at other tribunal hearings. Our in-depth dispute analysis examines your legal, economic and social position in detail and enables you to take the initiative in a legal procedure or arbitration.

We provide insight into the available information and make an initial calculation of damages incurred. This calculation enables you to determine your next steps. We substantiate your position in relation to the damages suffered in a way that makes it clear for all parties involved how the calculation of damages was determined.


Why choose PwC for disputes and claim settlement?

Global firm, local profile

We work seamlessly with colleagues across the firm worldwide to maximise value for our clients. We can mobilise global, multi-disciplinary teams at short notice. Our regional profile also allows us to match competency and cost to your engagement needs.

Industry expertise

We bring deep sector knowledge and experience combined with an independent perspective to assess your case in a disciplined way. We have access to experts from all sectors and geographical areas.

Rigorous analysis

Our clients choose us to assess the merits of their most complex disputes and develop the strategy to tackle them. We investigate the issues relating to claims and provide robust economic and market analysis.

No job is too big or too small

We work on projects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from hundreds of thousands to many millions of euro in dispute.

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Director, Brussels, PwC Belgium

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