Cyber incident and threat management

Over half of businesses in Belgium are victims of cybercrime

How prepared are you?

Cybercrime can happen at any time, from anywhere

Advances in digital technology have changed the way we live and the way we do our business. But just like your business, criminals take advantage of innovation in technology. No business is immune.

Luckily, you don’t need to face this threat alone. At PwC, we have a deep understanding of cybersecurity. Our experienced teams apply a proven and robust approach to dealing with advanced cyber threats. We can minimise the impact of cybercrime if it strikes and help protect your organisation from future attacks.

How we can help


We can prepare your business to be resilient to incidents by setting up a cyber incident response plan that defines the steps to take and people to involve in case of an incident.

This preparation will save you critical time when an incident occurs.


Many companies are unknowingly compromised, or only discover they’ve been compromised months after the fact.

Our forensic experts can investigate your IT assets thoroughly to detect and mitigate advanced threats by defining breach models that are relevant to you.


The cost of a cybersecurity incident increases with every hour it remains unresolved. That’s why our incident response specialists are trained to respond quickly to identify the cause, contain it and finally help you eradicate it and recover from the incident.


Our digital forensic experts can perform a deep-dive forensic investigation on your IT systems in order to give you full information about the incident, which will answer many of your questions like how the incident happened, when it happened and which systems were infected.

This investigation will also reassure you that there are no lurking threats left behind on your systems.


We have specialists in investigation and security and risk services, including former law enforcement agents and attorneys.

Our team includes:

  • Certified information system security professionals

  • SANS certified forensic analysts

  • Encase certified examiners

  • Electronic records management masters

  • Certified fraud examiners

  • Certified malware reverse engineering

  • Incident handling specialists

We have 65 cyber labs in 37 countries and our methods and processes stand up to scrutiny by the courts and regulators. We help to ensure your investment in incident response matches the risks you really face – which we can help identify.

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PwC Cyber-security

Advances in digital technology have changed the way we live, and the way we do our business. Just like your business, criminals take advantage of innovation in technology. Cybercrime can happen at any time and from anywhere. No business is immune.

Concerned about cyber threats? Watch our video on Cyber security

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