Kingdom of Control

Strengthen your organisation’s internal controls awareness and risk culture to help safeguard your business

Our unique Kingdom of Control offering’s an experiential learning and team-building exercise that’ll help you foster an improved internal controls and risk culture

Educating companies on internal controls and risk culture

Looking to convince stakeholders of your good intentions and the high quality you offer? Then you need a strong internal controls culture. It’ll also help you build and maintain trust. Unfortunately, employees too often perceive internal controls as an impediment to getting stuff done and therefore pay them inadequate attention, and, in the worst case, ignore them.

Internal controls help you safeguard assets, prevent fraud, verify financial records, monitor organisational performance and ensure an efficient and uninterrupted flow of business. Moreover, internal controls can help you gain insight into the proper functioning of your processes. 

Making the importance of internal controls clear to control owners encourages them to approach internal controls initiatives with greater enthusiasm and commitment.


Kingdom of control: Educating companies on internal controls and risk culture

Kingdom of Control is available in both online and offline game mode.

What’s PwC’s Kingdom of Control?

Gamification’s a great way of engaging employees to learn new skills. Kingdom of Control can help you raise awareness of the importance of internal controls across all levels of your company. A live group game, it delivers experiential learning and supports team building, all with the aim of fostering an internal controls and risk culture. During the session, players reflect on the importance of well-designed and implemented internal controls and learn how to develop and practice internal controls strategies in response to increasing compliance rules, all in a fun and interactive environment.

The game takes place in the magic world of medieval Kings and Queens and challenges players to re-imagine the five layers of the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organisations) methodology. Within this medieval adventure, several protagonists from the kingdom need to build solid internal controls to protect their domain from fraud and theft. If they succeed, they reduce risk, waste and abuse.

Features of Kingdom of Control

The game can be played by any company, in any sector, no matter the level of their internal controls, even those looking to start from scratch!
This game has the following features:

Kingdom of Control - Engaging


Game experience engages and challenges participants to respond

Kingdom of Control - Interactive


Facilitates team building and allows you to see the effect of certain
internal control decisions to your organisation

Kingdom of Control - Adaptable


Internal control scenarios are completely tailored to
your organisation or industry

Kingdom of Control - Educational


Enables your team to develop strategies to internal controls and
compliance rules in an evolving, digitising world

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