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Using new technologies to assure operational excellence

With PwC, Philips Lighting is well on its way to entering the Industry 4.0 evolution and realising its aim.

"It didn’t simply sell us a device, but designed a solution based precisely on how we operate. That we could immediately put the solution to use and see how it worked and the possible savings it could help us make, with no investment from our side, meant there was no risk in trying this new and innovative solution.” - Raf Van de Put, Facility Engineer, Philips Lighting

Envisaging how wearables could increase efficiency and support Philips Lighting’s ambition to become the sole conventional lighting manufacturing plant network in the world, PwC helped introduce the emerging technology at the company’s operations in Turnhout, Belgium. As a result, Philips Lighting is well on its way to entering the Industry 4.0 evolution and realising its aim.

Collaboration on wearables with Philipsm Proceedix & PwC Belgium

The challenge

Philips Lighting, global market leader in the development and production of lighting solutions, was monitoring equipment and carrying out preventative maintenance tasks using an old system that was slow, unwieldy, hard to adapt and no longer up to the job.

The solution

PwC was able to identify the solution to a problem that wasn’t fully visible to the client. The use of wearables had, as yet, not been imagined by Philips Lighting. We proposed a tailor-made solution in the form of a smartphone and tablet featuring an app that allows Philips Lighting’s utility operators to carry out required preventative maintenance tasks.

The result

Philips Lighting has calculated that it has made a noteworthy six percent saving in total utilities maintenance costs at the facility as a result of the wearables solution.


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