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PwC’s Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2024

2024 Hopes and Fears
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  • June 25, 2024

Belgian results

1 in 4

Belgian employees are seriously considering changing jobs in the next year


believe that too many changes are happening simultaneously


don't understand why change is necessary


want and have to learn new tools and technologies to do their job

The 2024 Belgian perspective

Each year, PwC runs a global survey to gather feedback from employees around the world regarding their workplace expectations and experiences. The survey covers a broad range of topics including skills development, confidence in leadership and the work environment. By collecting detailed responses from 56,600 employees in 50 countries, including 1,000 participants from Belgium, PwC seeks to provide valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the global workplace with the intention of better understanding and addressing the concerns and aspirations of the workforce of today and tomorrow. 

This year’s findings from the PwC Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey revealed some new insights. GenAI has dominated the thoughts of all respondents. And with the swift emergence of AI and new technologies, 45% of Belgian respondents want to and feel the pressing need to upskill in order to continue doing their job effectively. 1 in 4 of all respondents are thinking about changing jobs and are also feeling overwhelmed by the amount of change that has happened in the last 12 months. In fact, 45% of Belgian respondents do not understand why the change is necessary and almost half are worried about job security because of it. 

As we delve further into the global survey, we want to find answers or perspectives that can help address the important issues on the minds of everyone in the workplace. Do employees continue to have confidence in their leaders’ ability to lead them forward on the technology wave? What does the workforce think about their organisation’s role in handling the important issues like sustainability and responsible AI? In terms of skills and knowledge, do employees feel equipped to tackle the next wave of challenges? Do they feel like their jobs are being threatened by the advent of GenAI? The survey enables us to learn more about their perspectives.

Key chapters

Productivity is key

How new tech tackles increasing workloads

With the ongoing technological evolution swiftly ushering in many new features such as GenAI, many employees recognise the need to learn new tools and skills in order to perform their current jobs effectively. Nearly half of all respondents reported an increased workload over the past year, indicating a growing demand for productivity and efficiency. This underscores the importance of adaptability and continuous skill development that is needed to stay relevant in the job market. It also highlights the significance of employees preferring a workplace that strongly advocates for upskilling. 


New ways of working

Tackling change effectively

Currently, change seems to be the only constant. Globally, more than 25% of respondents feel overwhelmed with the increasing workload and that there is too much change at work. In fact, 45% of Belgian respondents don’t understand the need for change and 21% don’t have confidence in their leaders being capable of managing the change effectively.

Climate change

GenZ has no expectations of employers to lead the climate charge

Sustainability and ESG goals have always been a prominent theme for companies and actions that contribute towards attaining sustainability KPIs have always been a hallmark of a good and forward looking organisation. However, 53% of Belgium’s GenZ, which is notably less than the global total of 69%, don’t see employers as being responsible for mitigating environmental impact.


Remote working remains

Comfortable working remotely 

The good news is that the Belgian workforce has remained comfortable in the new pattern of working remotely for almost half of their working week. Post pandemic times have seen companies and employees settling into the rhythm of hybrid working that reaps benefits such as increased flexibility and reduced commuting time. This year sees this work pattern remain consistent with last year’s numbers, with over half of employees continuing to work remotely, even from another country. This sustained trend indicates a growing acceptance and adaptation by leaders, who in almost all cases, are aware and supportive of their employees’ remote working arrangements.


Job security

Many still feeling financially stressed

Job security and being valued and heard in the workplace are other topics that have emerged as relevant for employees in Belgium. 1 in 4 Belgian respondents said they didn’t feel heard or valued. And nearly half question their job security due to the many changes ongoing in the workplace. 

"Technology is fundamentally transforming the way work gets done and the types of skills employers are looking for. As a result, employees are placing greater value on organisations that invest in their skill development. In turn, businesses must be proactive in their upskilling programmes—prioritising the employee experience. When you meaningfully engage with your workforce, your people themselves become a catalyst for successful transformation.”

Serafine VandebueriePeople Related Services Partner, PwC Belgium

In conclusion, the 2024 Belgian results from PwC's Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey reveal key challenges and opportunities in the modern workplace. From the urgent need for upskilling to concerns about leadership and job security, these insights highlight the critical importance of effective leadership, continuous skill development, and meaningful employee engagement.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore these fascinating insights. Keep an eye out for our upcoming publications as we delve deeper into the hopes, fears, and possibilities shaping our collective future.

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