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Companies for an inclusive society

a blueprint by CSR Europe & PwC Belgium


Prosperity depends on people: We are all working hard to make the green revolution work for us, and for the planet. Dealing with the continual advances in digital technology has become a normal part of working life. But in the constantly evolving business world, there’s another change coming. It’s a change in people’s lives, in their way of thinking about work, home, and family. And in a world of shifting priorities, it’s a change that business cannot afford to ignore.

One thing is certain, though: whatever the future holds, it must be driven by people. There is a new and welcome awareness among employers that the wellbeing of employees is a vital component of an organisation’s success. Matters of social inclusion, employee care, corporate responsibility, and community engagement are more important than ever before.

This advance in corporate priorities brings with it certain challenges. Earlier this year CSR Europe, along with PwC Belgium and Enel, conducted an examination of the current landscape with an eye to observing new trends and adopting practical proposals to guide policy-makers as they navigate the ever-changing course to the future. 


Changing priorities in a changing world 

Well being: Now more than ever, organisations are recognising the importance of the physical and mental health of their workforce. From providing a safe and healthy work environment to  fostering a culture that values and sustains employees to ensuring that workers are empowered to achieve a healthy work-life balance, there are policies and provisions that organisations can put in place to make sure that they are getting the most from their people. Personal growth: It’s vital to give workers what they need to thrive personally and professionally. 

In a world where advances in technology are transforming the way we work, it is crucial to invest in people. This means offering training and upskilling so that workers are equipped to thrive in a changing world, and provide ongoing value for their employers. Diversity and inclusion: Valuing people means valuing diversity. As society and work practises evolve it becomes more important to ensure that the workplace offers opportunities to workers from diverse backgrounds. Employers must take action to avoid excluding valuable people because of age, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, etc. 


Conclusions and recommendations

As society changes, and work practises change with it, it’s important for businesses not just to reflect that change but to lead the way in addressing the new challenges that come with change. We hope that this report will be the start of an ongoing discourse on the role of business and the needs of workers in shaping the future.



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