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PwC’s 2020 Workforce Preference study

We gained greater understanding of what Gen Y and Gen Z desire and expect from their employers.

What are Gen Y and Gen Z looking for and expecting from their (future) employers?

We polled 584 Belgian people between the ages of 16 and 28 about their work perceptions, in order to support companies to understand the new expectations of their target groups in the workplace. Our AI-based online questionnaire investigated 56 elements within 12 focus areas:


  • Pay and bonuses
  • Personal and professional development
  • Career
  • Transparent business operation
  • Work/life balance
  • Daily work
What are Gen Y and Gen Z are looking for and expect from their (future) employers?


  •  Internationality
  • Company culture
  • People at work
  • Company reputation
  • Physical work environment
  • Other benefits

Generations Y and Z want flexibility, and interesting and challenging work

In terms of overall importance, having work that is interesting and challenging, together with a good work-life balance (flexible work schedule and work time), are the highest scoring preferences among respondents. Both are ranked higher than for example base pay, which comes in third. 

The importance of a challenging job opportunity and personal development is also a driver for mobility. Over two thirds (67%) of respondents indicated they’re willing to move within Belgium for an interesting job. A job abroad ranked in second place after Brussels as the most popular working location, with 44% willing to consider an international move for work purposes; and for 70% of that group, the main motivation is to have a challenging job.

Generations Y and Z want flexibility, and interesting and challenging work
Bart Van den Bussche, Director, People & Organisation

"Young people want flexibility to personalise their reward package according to their preferences. The freedom to tailor benefits to personal needs ranks 3rd, just behind pension and health benefits. Our study shows significant diversity in both the workforce and their preferences, and it’s fair to state that a flexible reward package can help employers strengthen the relationship with their talent over time."

Bart Van den Bussche, Director, People & Organisation

Want to understand the specific preferences of your workforce? We can help you

41% of the respondents in the Workforce Preference survey currently work full time, and say that interaction with their co-workers is important to them: it is ranked 4th in their list of preferred aspects of work. Interestingly, even if respondents who are not yet working are included, this aspect remains equally important- while interaction is an aspect put under strain by the COVID-19 crisis.

Want to understand the specific preferences of your workforce? 

We can help you. Together we can zoom into what your organisation would like to achieve in the focus areas covered by this study. Our expertise and tailor-made solutions will let you find the future-proof value proposition that you need to succeed!

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