Journeys To Treasury 2020-2021

Journeys to Treasury combines vision and practicality to offer a realistic view of treasury challenges - and opportunities - of today and tomorrow.

How can treasurers leverage best practices and new technologies to take the treasury function beyond an operational centre of excellence to a strategic business partner?

In the fifth edition of Journeys to Treasury, PwC, BNP Paribas, SAP and the European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT) come together once again to offer rich, diverse insights on the trends, challenges and priorities that are shaping best practices in treasury both today and tomorrow.

 The four following topics were developed in the fifth edition:

Looking back, thinking ahead

To mark the fifth year of the Journeys to Treasury collaboration, the report looks back at the topics that have been of greatest interest to treasurers: real-time payments, cyber risk and fraud, and digital technologies, and explores how the dialogue has progressed.

Shaping the working capital agenda

As working capital has become more constrained, treasurers are now engaging more closely with the functions that ‘own’ different elements of working capital, and exploring opportunities for working capital enhancement.

A success of centralisation

Although a long-standing ambition, rarely can treasurers say they have ‘completed’ centralisation, particularly in organisations engaged in M&A. This year’s report examines the opportunities, pitfalls and ways to overcome them.

Enabling 'treasury on demand'

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated and strengthened the business case both for automated processes and flows, and faster access to data for operational and strategic decision making. Significant opportunities already exist to achieve these objectives.


Quote from Didier Vandenhaute, Parter at PwC Belgium about Journey to Treasury 2019-2020


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