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Business development on a significant Scale

A Life Sciences accelerator programme with a difference that adds real value to fledgling businesses!

Our first PwC Scale programme in Belgium focused on Life Sciences with the aim of helping young innovative companies, active in medical devices, digital health and diagnostics, tackle the different challenges that arise when scaling and help them speed up business growth.

Three participants weigh in on what the programme means for them and their business.

Hanna Sjöström, CEO

GPX Medical AB

“The top learning point for me from the PwC Scale programme is how to design and deliver a good pitch for different stakeholders and how to prepare for due diligence. Today, we’ve already created a prototype device and are into product development for which we’re applying for FDA approval and a CE Mark so we can sell our ground-breaking monitoring solutions in Europe and the US."

"Thanks to the PwC Scale programme, we’ve been able to rework our strategy and make sure our assumptions are correct based on what we’ve learned about the Life Sciences market to make our offering as valuable as it can be. It’s also been eye-opening to be in the company of others in our field and share ideas and learn from each other, Life Sciences is a hugely broad field, but PwC really made sure we’re a good fit for the programme.”


John Trainor, CEO Sensabues

John Trainor, CEO


“Our firm’s like a teenager in that we’ve already made progress; we’ve a number of papers published, we’ve customers and we work with partners, but there’s still a whole lot of learning and doing ahead of us. Joining PwC’s Scale programme has been incredibly insightful and useful. It’s great to interact with other start-ups in the same boat with which we can share ideas and concerns. Conversations have been really open and honest, and therefore invaluable."

"That a firm like PwC - with a reputation for serving more mature enterprises - is investing in early-stage companies and offering expertise to help us move forward is phenomenal. I would highly recommend the PwC Scale programme to any start-up. I look forward to working with PwC in the future as we require the firm’s different areas of expertise.”

Niko Lecluyse, Co-Founder


“To be honest, we weren’t convinced that this PwC Scale programme was right for Breezo as we weren’t sure the Life Sciences sector was for us. We’ve certainly changed our minds since we’ve attended, on both counts. The Master Classes are superb. We totally rethought our value proposition as a result. It’s about so much more than just theory."

"We’ve gained a great understanding of the Life Sciences industry, which is a very unique market, and how to approach it with our offering. The networking’s great; with other participants, with whom we have very open and frank discussions, with the investors and corporates we meet via the PwC Scale programme and with PwC experts. There’s so much you can get out of the programme, but you’ve got to put the effort in too. I would certainly recommend it as a great boost for any start-up.”

Niko Lecluyse, Co-Founder Breezo

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