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Fostering collaboration in Life Sciences to support greater progress

Life Sciences constitutes one of the largest export sectors for Belgium, making it of critical importance to the country’s competitive position. The country boasts a long history in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals, having been home to many leading players for hundreds of years. The largest research and development (R&D) hub for plant biotech and emerging industrial biotechnology can be found in Belgium, as can the biggest integrated bio-energy production complex in Europe. And the nation’s number two when it comes to clinical trials per capita. 

With the entire value chain represented in pockets across the country, Life Sciences firms have the unique opportunity to tap into a large pool of talented scientists and skilled technicians. And there’s an ever-growing pool of specialists waiting in the wings with eight of the country’s universities actively supporting Life Sciences.

No wonder that innovation in the sector is so rife and that new ideas and developments are entering the market all the time.

An article by Griet Helsen - Partner, Clients & Markets Leader

Griet Helsen Partner, Clients & Markets Leader, PwC Belgium

Despite this utopia, for those starting out - just as in any industry sector -, knowing where and how to find and attract required financing can be a minefield. Understanding how best to grow in their specific circumstances can be just as challenging. 

Having access to expert guidance and advice can make the difference between survival and failure. That’s why we’re here to help.

Committed to fostering innovation in Life Sciences as a cornerstone of our country's economy, PwC Belgium entered into a strategic partnership with flanders.bioBlueHealth Innovation Center powered by Microsoft and Inovigate.

And already with an eye on tomorrow, we’ve been working closely with newcomers to the sector to identify how we can support their growth ambitions. Putting these together, we’ve developed a unique offering to start-up/scales-ups looking to serve or enter the Life Sciences sector.

And I’m really excited about what it means to those who are taking part - and how we’re helping bolster our country’s economy as a result. It's just one such programme taking place across Europe, all focusing on specific sectors to support new market entrants.

PwC Scale helps prepare the most promising early-stage companies to raise finance and scale their business successfully. Fast. How? By connecting innovative scale-ups with key decision makers within large organisations, as well as the investor community, thereby significantly accelerating growth opportunities. In October 2019 in Brussels, the programme’s specifically focusing on those in the Life Science industry. During the 12-week programme, participants take part in five days of expert masterclasses, enjoy introductions to corporates and investors, gain international exposure via our global PwC Network and are able to leverage our external partnerships and relations too. PwC Scale, for fledgling firms in the Life Sciences sector, represents a fast and efficient way to access guidance and investment to help advance a business and secure its future. 

History has shown that collaboration is vital for science. Without the cross-pollination of players and ideas, progress would be excruciatingly slow. Initiatives like this help foster collaboration and bring new ideas to life. 

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