Johan Van der Straeten is a Director with PwC management consulting. He is providing professional guidance for global industrial companies on operational excellence in maintenance, quality, production and supply chain. He is also the driver of the Industry 4.0 offering in Belgium, and active member of the global PwC Industry 4.0 community.  

Johan can work with operators on the field as well as with senior executives. He has an open and innovative mindset, and combines strategic insights with down to earth pragmatism.  

Johan graduated as a master in mechanical engineering at KuLeuven, has both Green and Black Belt certificate from Philips Lighting and is APICS CPIM certified.  

Johan has written several publications on Industry 4.0 and has managed innovative projects on augmented reality and 3D printing.



Johan has 7 years of industrial experience and 4 years of consulting experience in global operations management, covering both strategic and more execution oriented challenges within manufacturing

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