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This is Aleksandra who works in the financial assurance industry. Discover what her days look like and how she started at PwC. She’ll tell you all about how PwC enables you to be yourself in the workplace.

Interested in our TLS rotation programme? Get to know Joni who will tell you all about the programme. 

Meet Marouane, PwC Tax and Legal consultant. Get to know why he likes being a consultant and what types of projects you too could work on some day. Oh, and did you know that he plays football?! At PwC there’s definitely time for a good work-life balance! 

Lea is working for the deals department. She’ll give you some intel about the rotation programme and how technology plays a key role at PwC. 

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Laurence Janssens

Laurence Janssens

Talent Acquisition Lead, PwC Belgium

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