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Your Challenges

Handling payroll is one of the most sensitive processes. It’s about your people and they are one of your company’s biggest assets. Therefore, it’s important to get it right.

The transformation of organisations throughout the years, along with additional internal controls, new payroll reporting obligations and constantly changing local legislation have made the payroll administration process even more technical and complex.

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How can we help?

Our experienced support team has expertise in payroll, personal income tax, social security, immigration, labour law and accounting. We can assist you in making sure that your payroll is compliant with the laws and collective bargaining agreements applicable to your organisation.  We can also assist you with the optimization of your employees’ remuneration to make it more social security and tax friendly.

PwC and PwC Legal both have global networks with expertises in different countries that can help clients with all payroll reporting obligations and complexity.

We use an in-house payroll software programme that enables us to process your payroll from end-to-end without depending on an external payroll provider.

One of your payroll experts is absent or you need additional resources to perform your payroll? We can give you the necessary onsite support.

Payroll Compliance

Our payroll team can perform a health check of your payroll in cooperation with our labour law and tax experts to ensure that you are complying with all social security, tax and labour law obligations as well as payroll requirements.

Based on our findings during the health check, we can also support you with the required payroll adjustments and improvements, if necessary.

Payroll Processing/ In house software

Our payroll team uses payroll software that enables them to process the payroll for national and international clients without depending on an external payroll provider.  

Using this software, they can perform most of the necessary payroll operations themselves, i.e. from data input through salary payment.

International Employment

We can assist you with all labour law, social security, income tax and payroll formalities, if you have an employee working partly in Belgium or who is on a temporary assignment in Belgium.

When you have an employee that will work partly outside of Belgium or who is on a temporary assignment outside of Belgium, we can align with our colleagues from other PwC countries to ensure that all required formalities are fulfilled in these countries.

Onsite payroll support

One of your payroll experts is absent or you need additional resources to perform your payroll?  

We can give you the necessary onsite support with the monthly  payroll progressing and HR administration tasks.

Group payroll Project Management

Do you have a payroll running in different countries?  

We can coordinate this in cooperation with the various local payroll providers in these countries, so that you have only 1 single point of contact for all your payrolls.

Training: Basic to advanced

In need of payroll training for your employees?

Our payroll experts can give tailor-made (in house) payroll training and workshops depending on the experience of the participants.
The training material is delivered after the training or workshop enabling your employees to consult and use it afterwards.

Social Inspection support

In cooperation with our labour law specialists, our team can assist in:

  • (On-site) support with the analysis of the questions of social inspector

  • Negotiations with the social inspector

  • Assistance with adjustments in the payroll and employment law matters requested by the social inspector

  • Assistance in court, if needed

Payroll optimisation

In cooperation with our labour law and reward specialists, we can assist in:

  • Analysis of the current remuneration package of your employees

  • Provide you with our recommendations and assistance with the implementation of an optimised remuneration package (e.g. social security and tax friendly remuneration, flexible reward, etc.)

  • Assessing of the current payroll processes and identifying the potential areas for improvement

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