Value Vision

Knowledge is power - use yours to shape your future

Client challenge

You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your data. 

Do you know:

  • How to double your sales?

  • Can you name the five biggest bottlenecks that are blocking your path to true growth?

  • Could you explain to somebody exactly how you are going to increase your cash flow?

  • How do you identify the scenarios that will allow your organisation to thrive?

Value Vision helps you answer these questions and makes your data work for you.

The evolving mission of Finance.

Finance, business planning and scenario analysis are key to a healthy organisation. But in a changing world, we need to evolve and adapt to a new business environment.

It's time to unleash your organization's full potential. 

This means:

  • Not just analysing cash flow but driving it.
  • Leveraging your key data to power new business models.
  • Using ‘what if...?’ questions, not simply to prepare for challenges, but as a way to actively shape your future.
The evolving mission of finance

PwC's Value Vision has developed the SHOT principle as our approach to create trust and solve complex problems.

SHOT principle

Two-way® technology

Our patented technology gives you a look at your business from input to output.
And from output to input.
  • From input to output by adjusting your business drivers and understanding their impact on the result.
  • From output to input by adjusting cash flows or value, and visualising how your business drivers should evolve throughout your financial architecture to create this additional value.
Two Way technology schematic

Create value continuously 

creating value: a virtuous cycle

90 days to value

We engage ourselves to challenge the inputs in Value Vision and to finetune them.
90 days to value

Cash management and forecasting has never been more important, but the volatility of the economy has made this discipline more complex . New forecasting techniques and technologies are being developed to help keep organizations safe.

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