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Value Vision

The digital business planning tool that identifies true value creation opportunities in your organisation.

Client challenge

Having a clear view on how to create value for your business through data driven insights in your cash flow generation and business drivers.

Running “what if” scenarios is cumbersome, requiring considerable time and expertise.

You must change the data, often in a complex spreadsheet, and produce new output over and over until the desired value’s been reached with a high risk of mistakes and even a complete loss of overview.

How can this tool be helpful for you

PwC’s Value Vision is a powerful cloud based value creation tool which leverages

  • your operational and financial KPIs

  • your strategic plan

  • your investment needs

  • and the opportunities and limitations on your market

Overview of how Value Vision tools can be helpful for you

All of this translates into a granular business plan with projected enterprise value.

Value Vision lets you look at your business in two ways

Value Vision lets you look at your business in two ways

  • from input to output,


  • from output to input

Our data driven patented Two-Way technology identifies, assesses and understands which drivers impact your cash flows and enterprise value the most so you can materialize those opportunities

Benefits to use the tool

A granular analysis of your business supported by powerful patented technology to dive into the source of your business value. Once your unique business driver tree is built, you have the power to customise the data yourself. It's simple, intuitive, and you can run different scenarios -  monthly or yearly.

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