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Malicious domains are on the rise, posing a serious threat to your business. Using AI enabled monitoring technology will give you valuable insights to protect and enhance your online reputation.

Protect your domain name, protect your business

Your domain name is your online business card to the outside world. Unfortunately domain name abuse by cybersquatters is on the rise as they seek financial gain by taking advantage of your reputation. Fraudsters use variations of your domain name to create fake websites in order to lure customers into buying counterfeit items and providing personal or financial information. You risk losing business and having your reputation damaged.

Using AI to protect and grow your business

Intelligent Domain Name Monitoring is the process of using artificial intelligence to identify and monitor domain names on the internet. Our proven approach enables clients to efficiently monitor domain names while being supported by interactive dashboards and clear visuals. 

Technology-enhanced identification of new domains empowers organisations to make the right decisions, being fully aware of the potential risks hidden behind their online footprint and the ones of their partners. Our smart domain name monitoring tool can also be used to gain deeper insight for market research purposes by verifying whether specific domains are already used by third parties. 

All companies need to be aware of their reputation online, but in-house monitoring systems and dedicated resources are often expensive, non-customisable, inefficient and entail high-error margins.

Why choose PwC to protect your online presence?

In our approach, we employ a series of advanced AI technology techniques to identify newly created domains within 20 minutes after creation. We visualise all relevant data points, ranging from IP addresses, WHOIS information, categorisation of domains and a corresponding risk label. Our managed services enable us to foster close collaboration with clients and gain deeper insight into the thought processes and challenges our clients face on a daily basis.

At PwC we combine industry-specific expertise and proven reputation protection experience, enhanced by technology, to support clients in gaining key insight from their online domains.

What's different about our approach? 

We offer a workflow tailored to the needs of the client, and designed to detect, categorise and mitigate malicious domains.

Monitoring and identification

Global monitoring of domain names to detect new phishing websites, sale of counterfeit products, piracy, online fraud and new infringing activities within a timeframe of 20 minutes after a website or other service has been brought online.


To generate more actionable search results, our platform allows us to categorise domains based on exposed risk for the brand owner. The platform gives users the ability to mark domains as safe or their own, thereby enhancing the underlying AI for optimal results.


Whenever a particular activity is confirmed as harmful for the brand owner, he or she can take immediate action against the infringer and intermediaries that are directly involved, including the initiation of legal proceedings.

Why do you need intelligent domain name monitoring?

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