Corporate intelligence and strategic threats

There’s a world of opportunities in both domestic and international markets, but do you really know who you’re dealing with?

Protect your reputation and make informed business decisions

Doing business with other organisations presents a wealth of new and exciting possibilities. But do you really know who they are? Do their values and practices align with yours? 

PwC’s forensic intelligence professionals draw on a vast array of data and sources to research individuals, companies and organisations. Our extensive investigations uncover any adverse information and highlight the way in which parties are connected using the latest technology and our extensive contact network.


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Global intelligence: Protecting your reputation and

PwC's Corporate Intelligence team can help you protect your reputation, safeguard your assets and manage your risks.

We create customised, user-friendly services and reports to help you make sound and well-informed commercial decisions

Are you planning an acquisition, merger or significant investment?

Our in-depth research covers:

  • confidential enquiries into the target

  • political exposure, sanctions and litigation

  • review of the reputation and integrity of the target’s management

  • analysis, relationship mappings, red flags identification.

Are you working with third parties in competitive markets, overseas or in complex jurisdictions?

We will help you manage risks through:

  • integrity and background research of companies and individuals

  • third party risk assessment 

  • technology based third party management process design.

Are you or your current/future senior executives vulnerable?

We will help you assess the risks by:

  • checking associations and affiliations of current/ potential future board members

  • examining vulnerabilities in digital profiles

  • identification and monitoring of adverse media

  • exploring wider threats to the organisation.

Are you thinking of entering a new market or sector?

Our teams will help you understand the business environment:

  • political and security risk identification in emerging and frontier markets

  • threat and risks assessment

  • strategic and competitive intelligence

  • compliance and operating risks (e.g bribery and corruption).

Are you seeking to understand or trace the assets of an organisation or individual?

Our work helps you maximise recoveries following a fraud through:

  • fraud or misappropriation of assets investigation

  • civil/criminal litigation or claims

  • background checks.

Worldwide reach

Worldwide reach

  • Targets all over the world

  • From Sweden to South Africa, and from Chile to China, the Global Intelligence team has performed thousands of investigations into individuals and entities worldwide.

Ranging from small SMEs to global companies


  • Ranging from small SMEs to global companies
  • The Global Intelligence team works with public services and private businesses across the world, tackling issues such as fraud, money laundering, suspicious relationships, terrorism financing and human trafficking.  
People & Experience

People & experience

  • Intelligence experts worldwide covering all jurisdictions

  • Within PwC Europe our team comprises former members of intelligence services, enforcement authorities, auditors, fraud investigators and accountants bringing a wealth of experience, knowhow and insights. 

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