Contract and document analytics

Keeping track of the content of your contracts and documents isn’t always that easy. Leverage technology and you’ll gain valuable insight, minimise risk and identify revenue opportunities.

Are you on top of all your contracts?

Organisations sign numerous contracts related to sales, procurement, legal, and other areas of the business. These documents are stored in disparate and disconnected repositories, ranging from different business units to different regions and countries. Many of these contracts get lost, while terms and conditions are forgotten and remain unenforced. This can be a significant albeit unnecessary risk factor for the entire organisation. 

Companies facing a major business disruption, M&A activity, new regulatory requirements or just wanting to get their risk under control, have the same needs. But how can they avoid going through manual contract reviews, which are often lengthy, expensive, inefficient and entail high error margins?

The power of AI to keep track of your contracts

Contract Analytics is the process of using machine learning to extract data and clauses from contracts in an automatic, digital and integrated manner. This allows clients to manage contractual risks efficiently, meet regulatory mandates, uncover new revenue opportunities or simply populate their contract management system. 

Our proven approach enables clients to efficiently analyse relevant contractual information while being supported by interactive dashboards and clear visuals. Technology-enhanced contract review empowers organisations to make the right decisions, being fully aware of the relevant content and potential risks hidden in all corporate contracts.

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What’s our approach to contract analytics? 

We offer a workflow tailored to each client's needs and designed to handle contract amendments.

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Areas of contract analysis application

Contract management

Populate your Contract Management System (CMS) with high-quality data in an efficient way.


What is the impact of the end of Libor and is your organisation ready to shift to the new benchmark rates?

M&A transactions

Be aware of all obligations and liabilities during an M&A transaction or carve-out


Receive a complete picture of all lease data, allowing you to meet all regulatory requirements and to foresee the impact


Assess the impact of Brexit on your contracts in terms of governing law, currencies and jurisdiction

Real Estate

Obtain a clear, dynamic and interactive dashboard providing insight into complex documents


Ensure that all your contracts contain clear language concerning the access and processing of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

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