IPSAS training & workshops

PwC’s tailored IPSAS training for public finance specialists can help your organisation transition with the right skills in place

Moving towards IPSAS as the basis for accrual accounting, accrual budgeting or performance-based management is a significant cultural shift and requires the organisation to build new competencies.

Help your people with this shift

  • gain an overview of IPSAS and understand what implications adopting these standards may have on your organisation
  • provide your financial professionals with individual training on key IPSAS accounting areas
  • facilitate organisational change and increase your staff’s awareness about IPSAS, addressing its benefits and challenges


How we can help

Our IPSAS specialists act as workshop facilitators and trainers for public finance specialists across the globe.

We deliver training solutions that are relevant for your organisation - when and where you want and in the language you prefer.

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Tailored IPSAS training solutions

Our tailored IPSAS training solutions may range from workshops covering specific topics to providing a comprehensive IPSAS training programme.

If you would like to discuss your individual needs, please contact us.

PwC and SHASAT, a well-known global training organisation, have joined forces to offer IPSAS training solutions to all public sector professionals.


Key features of the workshop:

  • Understand and apply IPSAS principles, concepts and knowledge
  • Embed the standards within your organisation and assess their impact
  • Produce and interpret financial statements and information (both IPSAS cash and accrual basis)
  • Courses delivered by highly trained and experienced PwC IPSAS instructors and supported by high quality training material
  • Certification (certified by PwC and SHASAT)

The yearly calendar offers training courses in three continents, and more specifically in Brussels, the Hague, Geneva, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Miami. Tailor-made in-house trainings can also be delivered on demand.

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Patrice Schumesch

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Anton De Greef

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