How can we assist you?

Through the development of individual integrated solutions, our transportation & logistics professionals provide assistanc to the T&L industry in all key areas.

This together with specialists having extensive experience in financial statement audits under IFRS, audit related services and consulting projects at large and medium-sized companies.

The right partners for your growth

Whether you’re seeking to reassess your strategic options, grow your business through an acquisition or realise value through a sale or restructuring, PwC has the experts to advise you. Other aspects in which our team can assist include:

  • preparing and assessing business plans and financial models.
  • revisiting complex group structures by simplifying management models and legal entity structures.
  • valuing assets to be divested or privatised.
  • due diligence and advice on acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances.
  • supporting post-merger integration.

Performing strategic market analyses

There is a continuous demand for capacity and efficient goods handling. Do you need assistance to take investment decisions or perform strategic market analyses?

In order to ensure that your market strategy is aligned with your business model and risk appetite, we can help you:

  • manage your competitive position and recommend action for the immediate and long-term future, through strategic SWOT analyses and by benchmarking best practice;
  • assess growth potential, underlying growth drivers, demand/supply and under/overcapacity, through value-enhancing strategic market-segmentation;
  • define appropriate pricing structures and price levels. We assist you in enhancing value through upward pricing potentials based on our pricing framework.

Supply chain collaboration, network operations & optimisation

We can help organisations focus on core strengths to achieve mutual benefits through:

  • assessing the benefits, risks and costs of engaging in supply-chain collaboration;
  • establishing shared business objectives and trust;
  • supporting companies to improve network efficiency and delivery performance through network simulation. By testing different scenarios, the risks are reduced. At the same time, this enables market leaders to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficient processes and structures, and gain a greater perspective on how to optimise operations and performance.

Real estate investments

T&L invariably involves major real estate investments. Have you already checked whether your real estate is being efficiently managed?

We can help you with:

  • real estate strategy (own, lease, sell, sale and leaseback, consolidation etc.);
  • location strategy & feasibility;
  • real estate transaction structuring and due diligence;
  • taxation issues (optimisation of real estate taxes, VAT recovery etc.).

Improving IT effectiveness

Optimum use of ICT and new technologies such as RFID produces cost-saving opportunities. Are you optimally taking advantage of these technologies?

Our services and solutions include assistance in the following domains:

  • enabling business through information technology;
  • information security, risk and compliance;
  • office of the CIO;
  • electronic procurement and electronic invoicing.

Improving financial effectiveness

Our services and solutions include assistance in the following domains:

  • shared service centres;
  • organisational design;
  • process improvement (GL, AR, AP, consolidation, smart close);
  • financial systems and business intelligence;
  • best practices and finance diagnostics;
  • costing and profitability;

Working capital

We can work with you to:

  • identify where and to what extent cash can be unlocked from your current working capital;
  • improve your end-to-end processes in order to sustain optimised working capital levels.

Maximising your revenues

Many companies put emphasis on cost control. Have you already checked whether the entire selling process has also been optimally set up so that any revenue leakage is avoided?

We distinguish five keys to revenue management that can raise your profits to a higher level:

  • do you know how your customers value your products or services?
  • are you aware of your best pricing levels and optimum price/volume trade-offs?
  • do you know your costs of service? Are they customer-specific? Can you track true costs and profitability at a transaction level?
  • do you know what revenue leakages can occur in your type of organisation?
  • do you embed durable revenue responsibility into your organisation?

Controlling fuel costs

Fuel prices account for a considerable part of transport costs. Have you already reflected on ways to optimally control the cost of fuel?

We can advise you on:

  • setting up Fuel Risk and Treasury Risk Management functions / systems;
  • defining Fuel and Treasury Risk Management Policies (physical versus financial hedging, choice of hedging instruments, hedging horizon, etc.);
  • IAS 39/FAS 33, e.g. implementation of hedge accounting.


We assist your board and leadership to: achieve IPO readiness (comply with governance requirements applying post-IPO); improve the quality of the board, board committee processes and the materials and dashboards submitted to the board, thus raising its effectiveness and efficiency and ensuring that board and board members comply with minimum standards and/or best practices; improve the quality of governance disclosures, ensuring that they align with stakeholder expectations and allow you to draw maximum benefit from current governance practices; review the overall set-up of governance, steering and monitoring mechanisms within your organisation, resulting in a strengthened performance and control environment.

Enterprise wide risk management

Our approach to enterprise risk management helps companies implement an integrated risk function, linking growth, risk and return. Our approach: enhances the capacity to align risk appetite and strategy, explicitly balance risk/return decisions and set risk tolerances consistent with growth and return objectives; can offer potential cost savings by identifying areas where it is possible to rationalise resources and allow management to deploy them more effectively; increases the ability to exploit opportunities from positive events and earlier recognition of potentially adverse events.


Enhancing sustainability in your business

Relevant PwC services and solutions we can offer you include: corporate social responsibility strategy design and deployment, aligned with overall company strategy, including setting up a reporting model; setting up a model for sustainable purchasing and supply chain; calculation/attestation of your ecological or CO2 footprint, including attestation of your corporate social responsibility report.

Internal audit services

Our internal audit experts within the T&L sector can: assist you with internal audit outsourcing services; assist your internal audit department to bring balance into your competence pool; assist you in establishing and transforming your internal audit department, including support by means of tools and technology; benchmark your internal audit activity against best practices; perform the mandatory external quality assessment of your internal audit activity, required at least once every five years.

Minimising fraud risks

How do you minimise any fraud risks and fraud related damage to your company? Our services and solutions include: identification and assessment of fraud risk using a specially developed tool named Fraud Scan; expert investigation where fraudulent actions are suspected; forensic acquisition and analysis of electronic evidence and document management; analysis of your company’s individual risk structure, restructuring of business processes for crime prevention, design and improvement of internal control mechanisms, optimisation of sensitive IT systems.

Costing and funding the universal service obligation (USO)

We can help you with:

  • regulatory accounting;
  • costing the USO;
  • compliance with regulations and laws;
  • dealing with regulators and the expectations of the stakeholder community;
  • the economic analysis of dominant positions;
  • advice on new postal-regulation compliance under the Postal Directive;
  • valuation of intangible benefits and assets.

Climate change and emissions trading

From our experience with policy-makers, we are able to analyse issues and develop practical solutions for our clients around the climate-change agenda, such as:

  • global environmental tax and regulations monitoring;
  • carbon risk management and health checks;
  • greenhouse gas data management, reporting and verification;
  • sustainable real estate financing and green lease advisory;
  • transport fleet cost optimisation review.

Accounting policies and financial reporting

We can work with you to:

  • plan and manage your conversion project to ensure its success;
  • determine the high-level effects on performance measures and financial ratios;
  • clarify what your financial statements, consolidation pack and subsidiary accounts will look like under IFRS;
  • collect the required data and ensure that adequate controls are in place.

Tax compliance and optimisation

Transfer pricing intra-group

Our international network of tax specialists can assist you with:

  • all the tax aspects of setting up and running logistic operations in the most tax-friendly way;
  • compliance with documentation requirements and planning;
  • dispute resolution;
  • rulings as a powerful tax risk-management instrument.

Customs and VAT

Our multidisciplinary teams can assist you with:

  • developing and implementing global customs/VAT compliance management strategies, processes and procedures;
  • developing insightful import and export strategies that could reduce customs/VAT liabilities;
  • implementing the processes required for AEO certification as well as providing specific tax and legal advice on complex issues.

AEO certification

Businesses that acquire the status of an ‘Authorised Economic Operator’ qualify for a number of significant competitive and customs related benefits. Have you already considered applying for the AEO status?

Belgian Tonnage Tax System (TTS)

Our tonnage tax services include:

  • advising companies in selecting the most appropriate tonnage tax and other favourable tax regimes;
  • helping companies decide how to structure their shipping and other business.

International mobility and cross-border management

Our international mobility services and solutions include:

  • advising on the most tax-efficient HR solutions;
  • helping manage and control the numerous different risks cost-efficiently, using in-house developed, highly sophisticated, automated tools;
  • handling the whole international employment process – from immigration and social security compliance to tax-return preparation.

Social security contracts

Due to the internationalisation of the transport market, foreign freight carriers are often called upon. Have you ensured you have concluded a contract under the proper social security system?

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