Supply chain management in retail & consumer industry

Complex global supply chains are becoming ever more challenging to manage

Controlling costs without undermining the customer experience and juggling other issues relating to regulatory compliance and environmental stability mean the supply chain manager’s work is never done.

Retail and consumer supply chains in good hands

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex as globalisation, diversification, consumer demand and regulations increase pressure across the board. Controlling costs without compromising on service,reducing risk exposure, leveraging acquisitions and the environment are just some of the issues at the top of the supply chain manager’s agenda.

We can help you implement transparent business models and use technology to further expand and grow your business

  • We design tailor-made solutions allowing you to decrease unnecessary stock levels while improving your client service.
  • We can improve and implement forecasting and planning solutions using Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning.
  • Support of production and logistics processes can also be improved to increase the effectiveness of your resources and reduce working capital and running costs.
  • We can help streamline your return logistics process, which will benefit both your cost reduction programme and client experience.



Growing complexity

As your supply chains become more complex, you are forced to focus more on improving and optimising them. This means

  • minimising operating costs
  • optimising delivery performance through multiple channels
  • increasing responsiveness 
  • reducing the cost of complexity of the network

If you plan to be a leader in the retail and consumer industry, you'll need to strengthen your relationships with key partners in your value chain and continue improving network efficiency and inventory management.


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