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Real estate and online retail

Will the boom in online retailing lead to a bust in retail real estate?

Not necessarily as the growth in multi-channel retail shows. We can help guide the real estate investor as retail enters the next stage in its evolution.

The multi-channel consumer determines trends in retail real estate

The boom in online shopping has fundamentally shaken up the retail sector and in so doing, has also changed the game for retail real estate. Although traditional retail channels linked to physical sites have suffered during the financial crisis while online has grown, the picture is not as black and white as it might appear.

New retail concepts such as Click & Collect have shown that the future of retail is most definitely multi-channel providing an opportunity for retail real estate investors.

How we can help retail real estate investors adapt to a changing market:

  • Our Real Estate practice helps you examine investment from every facet including assurance, tax and advisory meaning you get the full picture.
  • Combining real estate expertise with business acumen and access to a network of industry and sector specialists means our real estate services can help you adapt to a multi-channel future, helping you decide where and how to invest or maximise your existing assets.

Real estate industry

You're in the driving seat and we can get your growth in gear. Discover our integrated services:

  • Assurance
  • Compliance
  • Legal services
  • Regulatory
  • Tax & structuring
  • Sustainability
  • Transactions
  • Valuation & advisroy
  • VAT


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