Financial reporting

Find and leverage synergies between your risk and finance functions and assure consistency between risk and financial data and processes.

Want more efficient financial reporting that also adds business value?

Able to anticipate the impact of modifications? How they might affect your income statement, profitability, how you record and recognise earnings, your timing for revenue recognition, regulatory capacity, the number of loans you can issue, pricing, indeed your entire business?

  • Do you manage to stay up to speed with constantly evolving IFRS requirements?
  • Do you know which processes and controls you need to have in place to manage new requirements adequately and efficiently?
  • Is your reporting under IFRS also fully aligned with your regulatory reporting and in line with supervisor expectations?
  • Are you keeping up with advancements in the regulatory and supervisory field?
  • Are your reports of the required quality and are you able to produce them efficiently within the necessary timeframe?
  • Are your numbers reliable, understandable and can you explain them sufficiently?

Are you leveraging the full value of financial reporting?

Navigating the complexities of financial reporting;

  • IFRS,
  • Belgian GAAP,
  • adherence with COREP and FINREP,
  • impairment for loans,
  • collective provisioning,
  • derivatives and hedge accounting,
  • derecognition and more can be a business in itself.

As the need for more reporting, in greater detail within shorter timeframes continues to increase, it can be a challenge to simply keep up, let alone turn financial reporting into an advantage that improves decision making and adds real value to your business.

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