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Diversity & Inclusion

Be yourself. Be different.

We strive to achieve an inclusive culture in which we embrace diversity. Inclusion means that everyone feels involved and valued - not in spite of but thanks to their differences.

Part of our purpose at PwC is to solve important problems. We strongly believe that only diversity and a blend of opinions can lead to valuable, future-proof decisions and solutions. This includes diversity of any kind such as culture and beliefs, age, national origin, social background, religion, gender identity, disabilities or sexual orientation.

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Creating a healthier and more resilient PwC.

We strive to offer an environment that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and safety of our people. We have several initiatives (Fit4You, mental health session with Securex, virtual yoga and pilates classes) to support this aim.


Mobility Plan

Do you prefer to waive your car or choose for a downgrade, than you have different options like:

  • Mobility budget in the shape of the Modalizy Card if you prefer to get around by other means than a car
  • Smart Reward Programme with a variety of options to choose from like leasing a bicycle
  • Cash Compensation

Company Car

As an Associate you will start with a BMW 1-series. This is the only level where a clean diesel remains in the fleet for the moment. As from Senior Associate level, only PHEV and EV cars are on the car list.

mobility plan


At PwC, we like to have fun. That’s why we’ve got lots of great activities to do together, like table football, ping pong, Christmas parties, yoga sessions, and lots more! Your well-being and health are important, so we run ‘Fit for you’ challenges, proudly sponsor the Red Devils (and get opportunities to see live matches), and get tips from Roberto Martinez on coaching. Our events schedule includes trips to Pairi Daiza, new joiner events, and one-off events like the Centenary gala concert. See you there!


PwC supports reform that puts collective societal needs at the heart of the market economy. This means connecting goals, actions and outcomes into desired social and economic results that fuel long-term sustainability. Supporting the net-zero transition is a key part of this process. And we’re determined to play our part. That’s why we are committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions with 2030 goals.

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working from home

Work@PwC Reimagined

At PwC we empower our employees to organise their work in a way that suits their needs. We help people to evolve in their careers, to be a part of a team and to thrive in an environment where everyone can be themselves. We nurture a culture that supports your work, no matter how, when and where you do it, while never losing sight of the ‘3Cs’: we are always client-centric, committed and connected. We encourage our employees to be agile in meeting our clients’ needs. We support a wide range of flexible working practices, as long as the job gets done. Lastly, we expect our people to foster team connectivity, whether at the office or with the client, while respecting one another's working patterns. 

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