About PwC

PwC is founded on the principle of creating value through relationships – it’s a principle that lies at the heart of everything we do and everywhere we are

Our value promise starts with our relationship with you. We aim to start building value from day one.

In Belgium we have offices in nine cities: 

BrusselsAntwerpHasseltLiègeGhentCharleroiKontich, Turnhout and Ohain.

Wherever you want to work, the cases you’ll deal with will be just as challenging and exciting.

We usually take an inter-office, multidisciplinary approach to our client assignments. This sets us apart from the other Big Four firms, mainly due to PwC’s predominantly international client base.


We are also part of a worldwide network. This international dimension not only benefits our clients, it also offers career opportunities for you.

Want to make a difference on a more intimate scale? We also provide a full range of professional services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

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