Transport & Logistics

Increasing globalisation, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce keep the Transport and Logistics industry on the move - continuously evolving and expanding in all directions, and becoming masters of their supply chain everywhere - often stretching around the world. 

In pursuit of new sales markets such as Eastern Europe and Asia, who today are becoming source markets with growing exports, a global business strategy is what’s needed. Economic survival will depend on international growth through acquisitions, joint ventures or alliances and the “bigger” companies becoming capital market oriented global players.

How can European companies optimally operate in increasingly liberalised markets that are only partly regulated and where legislation and fiscal law remain unharmonised? And in these times of change, with new technologies creating significant investment, what is required of T&L enterprises?

Our areas of assistance

  • Financial transparency;
  • Sound risk management processes;
  • State-of-the-art technology;
  • Ways to enable worldwide alliances;
  • Establishing quality partnerships between your company and others.

Transportation & Logistics is a diverse industry sector that includes all modes of transportation of goods and people. In order to structure our industry work, we have defined four market segments. Please click on the segment of your choice to receive additional information on the services and solutions we provide.