International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS)

As a result of the financial crisis and restrictions on public budgets, public sector entities are facing unprecedented demands for improvement in the management of public finances.

IPSAS is a catalyst for providing high-quality transparent financial statements and, more importantly, enabling sound public-finance management and improving operational performance.

  • Accounting advice
    Advice is delivered how you want it - as a one-time engagement or as an ongoing relationship that sees you through your IPSAS implementation or post-implementation process.   
  • Training & workshops
    Moving towards IPSAS as the basis for accrual accounting, accrual budgeting or performance-based management is a significant cultural shift and requires the organisation to build new competencies.
  • Project & change management
    Adopting IPSAS is a major undertaking for an organisation, and having a partner that has the necessary knowledge, experience and expertise to manage the change is essential.
  • Process & system improvement
    Taking a look at your existing processes and internal control frameworks, or setting up or upgrading your enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system can mean big gains in efficiency and productivity.
  • Financial management & reporting
    Our solutions range from compliance reviews looking at whether IPSAS requirements are met in financial statements and annual reports, to the development of cost accounting, billing solutions or other management reporting that will help generate real operational performance benefits for your organisation.