Paying Taxes 2013

Paying Taxes 2013 is a unique study from PwC, World Bank and IFC which looks at the world’s tax systems from the business perspective, providing an ability to compare tax regimes in 185 economies using a case study company. The study generates a set of indicators (the Total Tax Rate, the time to comply and the number of payments) that measure the world's tax systems for the ‘ease of paying taxes’ in each economy. The World Bank uses these indicators to calculate an overall ranking which is a simple average of the percentile ranking of each of these indicators.

This year our publication focuses on the trends in the data over the eight years included in the study, and breaks the results out into eight geographical regions around the world. Now that the Paying Taxes measures have been calculated for a large number of economies over the eight year period we felt we have sufficiently robust data to conduct some statistical analysis into the relationship between the tax system and economic growth and the ability to attract overseas investment.

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