Move forward

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Move forward campaign - PwC Belgium

Moving our clients forward

Responsible leaders think ahead. That's why we've made our motto 'move forward'. We don't push change for the sake of changing, but to improve businesses. This means keeping our eyes on the road ahead and providing leading edge advice that offers clients relevant solutions. As a true partner, we work 'with', not 'for' our clients. We establish relationships in which we sit on the same side of the table.

How do we help clients move forward?

  • By inspiring trust. Clients can count on our knowledge and our vast global network
  • By bringing in the right experts. All highly trained and specialised in client issues
  • By taking away the unexpected. Helping people be successful in their jobs

Are you ready to move forward? Discover our service offerings, check out our industry perspectives or see what challenges we can tackle for you.


Moving our people forward

Our people are ambitious and filled with great ideas. They don't want to sit still in their careers – and we don't intend to let them.

We help our employees move forward. By giving them a challenging work environment and room to grow. They learn from top experts in their field while receiving coaching at every step.

On top of it all, every year we organise over 400 different training courses focused on developing both technical and interpersonal skills. In addition to training on the job, on average our employees follow one month (100 hours) of training per year.

There's no secret recipe to success. Just plenty of opportunity and guidance to help our people steer themselves toward the career they want.


Move forward - the campaign

'Move forward', our media campaign's general concept, is a direct reflection of the way PwC, as an employer and a partner, wants to help job seekers, employees and clients to grow and achieve their ambitions. 

For prospective employees 'Move forward' is a promise that PwC can provide them with the ideal starting point for an ambitious career. For our people 'Move forward' means offering every opportunity – in the form of education, training, projects and experience – to grow, take on responsibility and make progress. 

And lastly, 'Move forward' demonstrates PwC's commitment to providing the right experts to help our clients be successful and move their businesses forward.

Our recruitment project is backed up by a national media campaign. You might have already heard us on the radio, seen us in the newspapers and online, or spotted us in one of our roadshows that tour Belgium's major university towns. This year, the campaign is built around testimonials by some of our staff members. 

They share their own experiences and stories of international career opportunities, the types of training they've been offered and the expertise they've developed, giving you a tangible feel of why PwC is a league apart as an employer.