Tax due diligence

Acquiring a business, disposing of a non-core business or completing a merger means managing the tax risk through a corporate tax, VAT and social security tax due diligence. But getting these tax due diligences right requires in-depth industry knowledge and specific expertise of the tax issues inherent to your sector.


When do you need tax due diligence?

  • Your organisation is looking to dispose of or acquire a company or asset
  • You need a tax due diligence carried out in relation to a deal


How PwC can help you

  • We provide you with corporate tax, social security and VAT due diligence, focusing on risks (including quantifications) as well as opportunities
  • Our international network of dedicated M&A tax specialists lets you carry out a global tax due diligence quickly and efficiently
  • Our experts advise you on how to translate the tax and social security due diligence findings inreps and warranties and/or price adjustments
  • We work closely together with industry specialists, so they’re familiar with the inherent tax issues of your sector