Transport & logistics

Ready for take-off?

18 Aug 2015

Are you able to manage growth in the rapidly expanding aviation industry? And how are airlines responding to reduced fuel prices?

Rising to your challenges

09 Mar 2015

Want to learn more about: Corporate taxation in the global offshore shipping industry, specific aid measures for economically disrupted zones, global airlines & airports statement of capabilities, confirmation from the rulings office of broad application of “catch all” provision, how airports can focus operational improvement efforts on their addressable drivers of cost? Read on.

Navigating your way

16 Dec 2014

Are transactions between your head office and branch subject to VAT? What are the opportunities for companies creating new jobs in support areas? Curious about the latest industry mergers and acquisitions? Want to find out about the results of our Global & Belgian Economic Crime Survey?

VAT, VAT and more VAT

18 Jun 2014

Highlights of this edition include the outlook for Transport & Logistics mergers & acquisitions in 2014, new VAT provisions for transport services and new VAT measures affecting GVRs.

Battling the storm

24 Mar 2014

What are Transport & Logistics CEOs worried about? What did our Global Shipping Benchmarking Analysis uncover? Want to know how to reduce risks through direct representation? Curious about how to adjust your strategy to ink the best deals in the “new normal”?

Do you work with self-employed people?

12 Mar 2013

Is Africa the next land of economic opportunity? Are you working with self-employed people? Interested in global merger and acquisition activity in the Transport & Logistics industry?

Efficient, fast and tailored

09 Feb 2013

This edition looks at: Next-generation supply chains –What Flanders has to offer logistics companies – Tonnage tax scheme for maritime transport – VAT updates – Global T&L Mergers & Acquisitions analysis Q1 2013.

Transport & Logistics Newsalert

06 Jan 2013

Transport & Logistics Newsalert

What do world business leaders have to say about today’s issues?

03 Jan 2013

We cover these topics: Annual Global CEO Survey, T&L key findings – VAT updates – Global T&L Mergers & Acquisitions analysis