Predictive Maintenance 4.0

Beyond the hype

PdM 4.0 delivers results

PwC’s collaboration with Mainnovation on projects for a number of clients has further strengthened our belief that predictive maintenance (PdM) combined with Big Data analytics can be a tremendous source of new value for asset owners and maintenance service providers.

To help us continue to deepen our understanding and sharpen our insights, we’ve conducted a second joint market survey on predictive maintenance.

The research polled 268 companies in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands about their current use of, and future plans for, predictive maintenance. The report also includes insights from interviews with leading companies in the field.

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Survey responses indicate that predictive maintenance with Big Data analytics isn’t just a fancy topic in the early stages of a ‘hype cycle’. Instead, it’s proving to be a very powerful new technology that’s realising tremendous results and value for companies which have incorporated it into their maintenance operations.

Key findings

  • 60% of companies indicate they’ve concrete plans to deploy PdM 4.0, compared to 49% in 2017

  • 95% of respondents indicate that PdM 4.0 is responsible for improving one or more key maintenance value drivers

  • 60% of respondents have realised an improvement in uptime thanks to PdM 4.0 - an increase of nine percent compared to 2017


Companies are laying the foundations for maturity increases and have invested in the capabilities and resources needed for PdM 4.0.

Compared to 2017, more companies are using external data, an essential component of Big Data analytics. They’re also using more and more advanced data sources, particularly sensors, environmental data, production control systems and maintenance information systems.

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